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Um, your two sports examples are available OTA so what is your point?  And you still haven't named a "channel" that other streaming boxes have that Apple TV doesn't.  AFAIK, Amazon Video doesn't count because it is basically the same as netflix and iTunes therefore switch service.
1) If Amazon isn't allowing you to airplay videos then it IS their fault because any app or website can do it if they WANT to so if it's not there then they decided not to do it. 2)  You clearly have not read jack about the fight HBO has had with Apple regarding it's content.  The fact that there even is an HBO Go app for iOS is a miracle.  As for other streaming boxes having it and the Apple TV doesn't, please see the case study of Amazon having DRM free music before...
So you carry around your streaming box?  As for "needing" two devices, the Apple TV is considered icing on the ecosystem cake and Apple already assumes that you have either an iphone/ipod, ipad or a mac first.  If you don't, then you can still use it but it will have limitations.  If you don't like that then it's not the device for you.  My main gripe were the outright lies regarding content.  One poster even stated some bull about not wanting to be "tied to iTunes"...
  I haven't found that in my own experience BUT if that is the case then you would access your cable account (in my case it was xfinity/comcast) and play it online and then do mirroring.  I highly doubt that these other boxes are giving people HBO for free.
Showtime, Cinemax and HBO require a subscription to their services to access their content and if you have a subscription then you don't need to airplay it because you access that through your cable box.  As for Amazon Instant Video, that would be Amazon's fault (or their content providers) as they could turn on airplay easily on their end AND if you can access that on your mac with Mountain Lion then you can mirror it (same with BBC Player).  So basically no valid...
I seriously don't get some of the comments in this thread.  For example, this talk of channels.  Have they not used Hulu+ on the Apple TV before?  It has hundreds of channels.  Does Roku provide some new, amazing channels not found there?  And the app store business has already been solved.  It's called Airplay with mirroring.  Anything that you can play on your mac or idevices can be played on the Apple TV.  The device isn't perfect obviously (continuous episode play in...
Aren't those open-source roots in Chrome webkit which is in-house developed by Apple and then released so that Google can do an iterative improvement?  
How interesting.  I guess the next time I read a post that says, "But we NEED Android to exist and compete against Apple or it will become complacent and not add any new features or upgrade it in any way because they need competition.", I can refer that person to this quote by Larry Page.  Sweet!
You can add the webOS tablet and the Slate (from Windows) to that list.
I agree with the iPhone keypad statement.  It reminds me of the keypad for Google Voice.  Me no likey. I vote yes for that!
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