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The problem with using libraries in your example is that not only have libraries paid for the book, but they are a source for new edition requests. If the out of print book has been damaged or not returned, they are the majority of customers who request reprintings. Google would never need to do that. Don't get me wrong. I'm not lamenting the publishers' loss of revenue on issuing new editions of books with zero new information at all. I just see both sides.
Oh I know that. My point was that if a person can get whatever information s/he needs via Google's digitized version, then there is no need to for them to request a new edition be printed. This is why I didn't say whether Google's position in that matter is right or wrong because IMO it equates to the olden times where you had to buy a whole CD for a couple of songs that you like.
I think the issue would be how much is Google willing to pay to continue android. Google has been a bit vague on how much it actually profits on android. I've seen $1 billion dollars in 6 mos. and I've read that they HOPE to make $10 per handset, but I've never read any solid numbers each and every quarter. If it begins to cost Google more than they expect to earn AND it costs handset makers more on already razor thin margins, then what would be the incentive for them...
I'm not sure how the Google Books thing became a topic, but I think the issue that publishers and authors had was that even if the books in question were out of print, they would have the opportunity to have a reprinting based on audience demand. If Google digitizes them and people could get information based on those, then there is little to no incentive to request a new edition. I'm not saying whether that is right or wrong, but I can understand that particular position.
Normally, I would agree but I'm not too sure about that. Google has been pissing this judge off left and right. Google had the audacity to claim $0 in damages which the judge not only threw out but called "soviet-style.". Also, that draft email points out that Google not only had prior knowledge that they were infringing, but also intent to move forward anyway. That alone would triple Oracle's requested damages.
In your example, it isn't so cut and dry. If the email copies someone else in the company (Google) then the email would still be privileged because the client is Google and both parties are employed by Google therefore it is still attorney/client privilege. If the email copied someone outside the company, then you'd be correct. Unfortunately for Google, none of that matters because the email was a draft and it's original content wasn't sent to the attorney. If I started...
I hope that $50 is a typo and you meant $5 because a $50 license per handset would kill android full stop. That is waaay more than a WP7 license and the profit margins for android handset makers is pretty thin. Samsung and HTC are the only handset makers in that space earning profits, the rest are bleeding money every quarter. Let's say LG makes and ships one million android phones under that license. That is an extra $50,000,000 and if they are already losing money...
I actually agree with you. I read about this on Ars Technica yesterday and didn't really see anything that was really that newsworthy. What I personally find disconcerting is the fact that there have been actual apps on Google's marketplace that did in fact contain malware and that Google has had to use their "nuclear option" of removing apps directly from people's phones. That is simply unacceptable when dealing with consumers. Do I think it is impossible for...
From what I remember of "location-gate", Google was tracking location for years unencrypted and beaming it back to the mothership 2-3 times an hour to be stored for years and years.
Thanks for the tip! Not a dev and just waiting for official release. That sounds doable to get my feet wet when it comes out and then decide how and when to move everything over. Slightly off topic, but I LOVE the new Apple TV update. I had my hardrive stolen years ago with iTunes purchases and they showed right up. Awesome!
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