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Thanks for the tip! Not a dev and just waiting for official release. That sounds doable to get my feet wet when it comes out and then decide how and when to move everything over. Slightly off topic, but I LOVE the new Apple TV update. I had my hardrive stolen years ago with iTunes purchases and they showed right up. Awesome!
Well I know that but . . . nevermind. I'm just going to keep it and try icloud when it's kaput.
Yes and they seem awesome, but a bit worried. Wish they would allow us to try before completely cancelling mobileme services.
I am currently on mobileme and if I am reading Apple's website correctly, if I try icloud then I lose all mobileme services. I already know gallery, idisk and web hosting is gone (and I use those services monthly). Finding another webhost should be fairly easy and idisk could possibly be redundant with icloud. Is there really any advantage to jump ship or should I wait until next June when my service is EOL'd?
I didn't accuse you of being a fanboy (MS, Apple, Android or otherwise). As far as being embarrassed for your country, well the court hasn't even made a decision yet sooooo there's still hope?
Cool, that's your opinion just as others have the opinion that Samsung did and right now it's up to a handful of judges around the globe to decide.
Thanks for the link. At work so no time to read thoroughly, however, this still would not apply to this case. Trade dress wouldn't fall under that. Also, if Apple ever got to that kind of power as far as monopoly goes, wouldn't the patents involved (let's say the Nortel LTE patents as an example) be considered RAND?
Well that was my whole point. Monopolies don't use courts to snuff out competition so the accusation that this is "monopolistic tactics" is silly and misinformed.
I disagree with your first paragraph because the console example is the same as my Wal-Mart example. Yeah, you can't get the app in the particular store but you can choose another product, another store (cydia since jailbreaking cannot be considered illegal) or open a developer account and create your own. I agree with your second paragraph in the sense that a dev could accuse Apple of not approving his/her app because Apple knew that they were also planning to develop...
It is and was one of the biggest new feature of the current model.
New Posts  All Forums: