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I wish I were paid to post instead of doing actual work. Heck, emoticons would be my tool of choice since it requires less thought.
The app store is a private entity like any other brick & mortar shop. Banning or a lack of software in the app store could not fall under any definitions of a monopoly. If Wal-Mart decided it wanted to only sell their own brand of toilet paper and kick out Charmin, it would not make Wal-Mart a monopoly.
Why yes. Yes I am. Although there were tablets being sold before, what Apple has created is slightly different and at the beginning was called a "media tablet" by analysts. Since that particular market is less than two years old and Apple was first to market, then of course they would capture that % of the market. What would make it a monopoly would be if they maintained that initial % of market for 5+ years. So in 2016, if Apple still has 90% of the market, feel free...
Apple's claims against Samsung are focused on trade dress and not android. You must be thinking of the HTC case which involves patented technology and can/will definitely affect android. Either way, neither is a monopolistic tactic (since you first have to be a monopoly which Apple is not) and doesn't hinder competition since infringing on another person or company's work isn't actually competitive.
I'm not sure why you would want to undermine your own argument by resulting to insults like "stupid" but "look and feel" isn't entirely subjective. "Look and feel" is a cumulative sum of parts. I won't list all of the alleged Samsung infringements but contrary to popular belief it isn't "a grid of icons." In the case, it is icon placement in the menu bar, graphic effects of icons in the "dock", iconography used for the icons among several other things. Here's a...
Now now, I heard from a relaible source that sales were quite smooooth.
Yeah and? Did it ever occur to you that some (many) companies innovate AND protect their IP? Also, the part about a related product being so old it is obsolete doesn't apply in this case at all anyway since the iPad is not even two years old with sales growing exponentially.
I did read it and stand by what I said (without resorting to a complete personal attack so go me!).
Oh great, you are one of those "all patents are evil and companies should copy to their hearts' content and let the market decide" zealots. That crap doesn't fly with me. No company should get a huge discount in R&D at another company's expense which I think is the case with Samsung.
Sorry but since you only 5 posts on here, I think the onus is on YOU to review posts on the subject. As for the Nexus S, I didn't know that Apple had a case against that but if it doesn't have a similar hardware build and no touchwiz then it most likely was a patent case (like HTC) which is totally different (but just as valid).
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