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Since this is a trade dress issue (how the hardware and if Samsung slapped its touchwiz UI on the tablet in question then SOME software looks in comparison to the iPad) so honeycomb proper has little to do with the issue at hand.
Calling Samsung's new tablet the best after ipad is arguable as you admit. Also, this has nothing to do with a monopoly. Apple wasn't the first with a tablet to market and is not the only company selling tablets. Just because a company has been accused of infringing on another company's IP which results in the infringing company not selling you the exact tablet at the exact time that you want means anybody has a monopoly.
I find that doubtful but the good thing in that outcome would be that Samsung would have to release not only shipped sales of previous tablets but the sell through as well since any settlement would have to be reached from estimates from previous sales.
I disagree. When people buy game consoles, they expect to play games. Playstation (IMO) had one deviation from that where people did in fact buy it for a cheap Blu Ray player. An Apple TV is a streaming media box. Totally different markets unless you want to lump any and all living room devices as the same (TV's, receivers, gaming consoles, Blu Ray players, DVD players, etc.).
YMMV but I can't see how a company whose majority revenue is derived from products that utilizes technology patented by said company could get a reputation as a patent troll for simply protecting their IP (developed or purchased). IMO, a patent troll is a company whose main source of revenue is derived from patent lawsuits and not actual products. Apple does not fall into that category.
If Apple has come out with the product first and sold millions of devices that contain the tech that is patented, how exactly are they being a patent troll?
I definitely agree with this. There is also the Game Center to help out as well. Just thought of something. I had originally said that I doubted there would be an SDK unless there was a hardware refresh to add additional onboard storage. I wonder if Apple could pull it off with current hardware if they incorporated icloud into the scenario. Games could be hosted by Apple and streamed to the device like the iTunes rentals.
You left "no intention to manufacture or market the patented invention" and since Apple definitely are selling products using technology in said patents then Apple is definitely NOT a patent troll.
I'm in the US and not the UK so not sure what a BT is but The Xbox, Playstation and the Wii are gaming consoles that also include streaming abilities. I wouldn't count the Apple TV in the same market as those devices at all. I would think the Roku, Popcorn Hour and Boxee box would be a more comparable market hence the term market leading (although I would think the author would disclose how well those devices are selling before definitively saying it's a market...
I think this is unlikely. First off, google burned bridges with content providers with not only this product but also their music locker. Second, the android ecosystem is so fractured that getting seamless purchasing of content is a bumpy ride with Google. Look at Netflix. They don't run on all android devices and can depend on the drm of the video. Because android is "open" there is nothing stopping google from banning bottom of the barrel set top makers which will...
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