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I have never owned a Google TV but own both the original Apple TV and the new gen Apple TV. From my understanding of articles I've read and the original Kevin Bacon commercials for Google TV, it works as a aggregator. Search "Kevin Bacon" and it will tell you any movies, television shows, etc. with Kevin Bacon not only on regular broadcast television (cable included) but also available internet content (Hulu, youtube, etc.). The problem with it is that Google didn't...
Ok, so you posit that software/content adds value to idevices which makes Apple greedy for asking 30% of revenue from NEW subscribers using in app purchases. In the above statement, you acknowledge that both Angry Birds and WSJ can be purchased/used on any number of platforms and an idevice is optional. Well, that seems to show that the software/content DOESN'T in fact add much value since customers are flocking to idevices in droves compared to other platforms. Why is...
I find it ridiculous that Acer would say Apple is not innovating. Even if I overlook the whole patent/IP issues, there still is: 1) Apple's partnership with Intel to develop thunderbolt/lightpeak 2) Apple designing their own chips for iPhones and iPads 3) Apple creating their own custom battery chemistry for iPads which gives it the longest battery life of any tablet on the market 4) Apple creating a laptop that was the thinnest available for at least two...
Yeah, at first I thought that was really stupid, but now that I think about it, it would really depend on how Apple implemented it. For example, I'd hate it if my desktop/homescreen constantly had launchpad up. BUT if Apple made it like dashboard in mission control, it could be pretty convenient.
I have a question. Has Google ever announced how much money they have payed out to developers in their marketplace? I know they have more ad supported apps than paid, but the free apps still have to be paid for the advertising revenue they generate. Who cares if they have 20x the set of eyeballs if the developer isn't getting paid as much or as regularly?
[QUOTE=inkswamp;1900567]Wasn't arguing that. Regardless, history shows that plenty of great ideas come from hobbyist programmers and tinkerers. That $99 could be a significant barrier for that group.QUOTE] You do realize that in order to create an idevice app that you need to own a mac. Therefore, your sunk costs are already at $1,000 (maybe a little less if you bought refurb or used). I highly doubt $99 is that big of a barrier (even for hobbyists).
What are you asking? You concede that the monetary damages have been made public which is being discussed. Gatorguy has pointed out that nokia did in fact get SOME cross licensing but Apple has stated that they were not any essential to the OS therefore none they didn't want Nokia to have. what other details in my post are you asking for that you think I asserted?
Are you saying that my mac mini runs rings around my bf's acer netbook is because of better components and NOT pixie dust and the ground up hopes and dreams of virgin unicorns?! I'm shocked! But seriously, claiming PC's (from the cheapest to the most expensive) have the same guts as a mac is ridiculous. Heck, apple even uses better screens than most PC laptops I've seen. And look at Dell's current advertising campaign. They're making a big deal over changeable covers. ...
This link from last year: http://techcrunch.com/2010/04/08/app...hones-to-date/ would mean it is actually less than that. Probably around $10 per phone. That is twice the rumored $5 per phone that Microsoft gets from HTC per Android device sold but less than the $15 per device Microsoft wants from Samsung.
Those numbers sound impressive until you realize that that the $600M covers every single iphone Apple had sold up to that point which most likely brings the cost per device down to the standard price Apple was wanting to pay originally.
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