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So basically all the stuff you listed is stuff you don't use at all but glad it's there? Again, that list is filled with stuff that few are truly interested in or need.
Ah, ok. Call me a Luddite, but I don't need that.
That secondary list looks like a bunch of stuff I'd have zero interest in except for notifications. -custom home screen and widgets? IMO I bought a phone, not a house. I don't care about customizing anything. I just want it to work. As for widgets, it eats battery life and consumes data. If I need to know the weather I can look outside. -3D whatever? Not sure what that is. If it's basically 3D, that's ok. I find 3D to be a gimmick -launch from lock screen? I use my...
I completely forgot that apple filed a countersuit (for defensive purposes obviously). What I meant in my post was that apple never initiated any suits against nokia like samsung or htc.
Apple refused to pay because they said the fees were too high and they didn't want to cross license anything. Of course the courts are going to say apple has to pay SOMETHING which they did but it wasn't the amount nokia wanted. Also, apple didn't sue nokia for using any patents so I'm not sure where you got that from.
Actually nokia not only wanted apple to pay more for their licensing fees than other handset manufacturers, but also was requiring apple to cross license their iPhone patents as well. The reason the decision was a win for apple is because they didn't have to cross license ANYTHING and paid the standard fee.
Lol. I'm not a gamer at all so I wouldn't know about that. I will say that the mouse is better for photoshop IMO. As for Ballmer, I wonder what the OEM's who are struggling thinks of this. Microsoft is making money, but the hardware makers are barely squeaking by. While he's crowing, Rome is burning.
My post was in response to someone who said apple should sell a LAPTOP for the same price as a mac mini. I was giving my opinion on why that would not be possible while maintaining the same level of quality. Before you declare something "lame" try reading the post first. Also, I have a magic trackpad with my mini and it is hardly lame. It's awesome in fact.
I'm not so sure about that. The mac mini has the guts (contrary to my sig I now own one instead of a macbook) but you still have to add a high quality screen, trackpad and keyboard. That alone will get you back up to macbook/macbook air prices. Also, from my experience, a lot of people who can't "afford" macs but want to experience OSX tend to either buy refurb or buy second hand on craigslist/ebay/etc. which gets them a macbook at a mac mini price.
The issue would be publishing/distributing the photographs. If someone takes your picture on the bus, it's cool. If the person takes that picture and makes a huge billboard ad, then that's when the problem pops up.I think his main point is that you can't solely blame the victim of a crime just because you think they could have mitigated their damages.
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