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I definitely think that Apple should have their demos locked to software downloads and that they should wipe them every night. Too bad you chose to ignore the post that I was replying to which mentioned none of that but DID mention how the store is a public place which was false. Want to try and "call out" my posts then reply to the actual points of my post rather than making non-constructive comments. In case you need an example of what a non-constructive comment is, I...
This is a discussion forum and I was discussing the issue. You say live and let live so why don't you just shut the heck up and let me post. Especially since you didn't have anything constructive to contribute.
The apple store isn't a public place. It is a store owned by Apple. If the management at a particular store decides they don't want you there for any reason that doesn't fall sighing anti-discrimination laws (ethnicity/race, gender, religion), then they have every right to kick you out. Why? Because it's PRIVATELY owned and not a public place. The computers in the store are for demos NOT public use. If you go into the Apple Store expecting to write your 20-page...
Apple provides FaceTime as a feature to sell iPhones and iPads. Facebook doesn't make either and can run on iPhones (possibly iPads) so why would apple care?
What whining or unreasonable actions has Apple done? It's a trade dress case so apple has a right to inspect samsung's announced products that they think infringe on their IP. Samsung's on the other hand thinks they can inspect products that haven't even been announced.
After a little googling, it looks like I was a bit confused on the revenue arrangement between verizon and google. It appears that Google pays/paid Verizon to be the default search engine and not direct ad revenue although that would still be a cost to their overall mobile strategy. I don't think Google would just up and drop support for Android despite losing money because not only would it be a huge embarrassment, but it would piss off a lot of partners they would...
(fecklesstechguy): Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Google also pay a portion of its mobile ad revenue and app revenue to Verizon as well?
Sorry that I attributed the assertion to you, but the person who did assert it did not quote an analyst. S/he just stated it as fact. I have only read where Google stated that they had made $1 Billion off android in a 6 month period and was curious if there was new information.
I'm not playing a troll game. You made an assertion and I would like a link where the numbers can at least be estimated. I've never seen them break out their mobile revenue and even if they did, it would also include revenue from iphones as well.
Citation please. The only reference that I have found about revenue Google made from android is $1 Billion in about two quarters and I highly doubt that covers R&D much less enough to make a profit.
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