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I agree with the iPhone keypad statement.  It reminds me of the keypad for Google Voice.  Me no likey. I vote yes for that!
1) "Speaking of percentages of revenue spent, also, we know MS wastes a lot, but they and IBM (who I don't think wastes a lot, and re comments below, IBM is as much a services as hardware company), I think, are around 8%.  But percentages are only relevant as agreed already, if there's something useful to do with the money.  And can you seriously argue there isn't more innovation that Apple could be profitably pursuing?  I can't - I can see infinite horizons - and also,...
I won't address all of your points but a couple of things.1) You seem to assert that more money = more innovation and I completely disagree. In fact, more money could cause Apple to lose focus on what direction to develop its current and future products. I am of the belief that more restrictions actually causes more creative thought to work around those restrictions. Apple is known for simplicity and while it takes a lot of work and brainpower to develop that...
I really don't think unit sales automatically equals "bigger" ecosystem. I don't think there are many true tablet apps for android even now.
I agree that Google's numbers are funny, but I disagree that web usage is "stupid to bring that up."  That gives you an idea of how "sticky" a product is.  If Android users aren't surfing the web and engaging with the device, they are using it like a dumb phone which means their "activations" aren't worth crap as far as a revenue producing ecosystem goes.
I'd argue that Apple is doing pretty much what your Henry Ford example highlights.  Apple has been building huge (for them) databases around the US which creates construction jobs, building a huge "spaceship" campus which means more construction jobs, hiring more employees for the new campus, opening new Apple Stores (despite the fact that other US retailers are taking a beating and shrinking their staff and/or staff's pay) which means more jobs in a down job market...
That's how Samsung treats FRAND patents so why not shipments.
I agree with this but I think Apple is going for the "a-la-carte" method where you can get AIO, boxes with semi-custom monitors (TVs - Apple TV, mini and airplay, traditional monitors, "headless" vnc with choice of device) and mobile (laptops, phones and iPads).  Many of the gestures overlap and I think this makes the ecosystem unified "enough" to maintain desktop computing.
I think Apple's version for multitouch on the desktop is the Magic trackpad.  I have a 2011 mini and an iPad 1 and sometimes I find myself trying to do gestures from the trackpad on my iPad (to no avail).
Thanks!  Looks good!
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