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Funny thing is that he was right that HTC makes a profit. In fact, from what I've read, HTC and samsung are the only android handset makers that are. My own personal opinion though is that HTC makes a profit not because of android but because of their hardware.
To be fair, marketshare does matter somewhat. If it is too small, then developers have less incentive to make apps for the platform. I doubt Apple has to worry about that though. As long as they have a nice chunk of the high end (which is the sector that actually spends money on apps), Apple will be more than fine.
It wasn't iOS vs. Android. It was what handset was the top seller. I didn't see the 4G criteria but I would suspect that difference was made because android 4G phones sell more than the less equipped ones.
I just re-read the thread and I don't see any links or quotes from stelligent that were informative
Apple breaks out almost everything including iphones (the exceptions being appletv, airport express, time capsule, etc.) every quarter.
http://www.macstories.net/news/apple...on-ipads-sold/ This doesn't give you the exact amount of profit from iphones but enough data to get a really good estimate. Also, since pretty much every damn analyst known to man states that Apple makes the majority of all handset profits, I'm not sure wth you are arguing. And finally, you must not read this blog that often because they run multiple stories running up to the quarterly earnings call.
I'm not sure I understand where you're going. I quoted where you stated that apple is selling MobileMe subscriber info and I pointed out reasons that statement is false. What does that have to do with fair? Or right for that matter? And I have no clue why anyone would anyone would think that apple would sell their info since their past and current business practices regarding privacy don't seem to be sliding in that direction.
That is complete bullshit. If apple sold MobileMe subscriber info then why: 1) they don't have ads on it and don't report any ad revenue from data mining in their financial reports? 2) apple had major negotiation problems with google because they refused to release private information like geographical location, email addresses, etc. In exchange for the google apps like maps? 3) apple had negotiation issues with publishers because they refused to release iOS device...
I'm not sure if you have used an iPhone/iPad combo but you can definitely sync contacts, email etc. Ota with either MobileMe or active sync (or other type services). As for backups, that must be done with the computer used to activate it which enterprise would like because back ups are more easily regulated. Lastly, enterprise functionality is limited by the imagination of the company since it can create and deploy custom apps for their own specific needs fairly easily.
I won't go as far to say that this is rubbish, but I have never had an issue with Google's DNS and my AppleTV (original recipe). In fact, everything downloads and streams (YouTube, etc.) much better than my crappy ISP.
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