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I don't remember being limited to one password and share.  I would use it for work and would share several different files with different people.  As for being secure, I guess but I never had a problem with that and you could always encrypt the file you were sharing for those purposes.
Solipsism:  I don't miss iDisk for solely sync services.  I liked being able to share files and dump stuff there without it being on my computer.  I am pretty sure you can do that with google and microsoft but it's not built in like FB and Twitter (which I don't use).
Exactly.  I may miss iDisk but I am not running to Gdrive or some other service either.  I mainly missed the OS integration but I am sure Apple's new web paradigm (app centric rather than general depository) will catch up.
If you have iOS6 and Mountain Lion then you do get your iMessages on your computer.  In fact, I get them on my mini before my phone.   I miss Gallery and iDisk.  Especially iDisk.
That's an interesting assumption. I'm a member of this site and I certainly don't wish nor would I be glad that anyone at Google, Samsung, HTC, etc. we're dead.
I need some clarification.  You keep saying "notification bar" and "notification shade."  Are you referring to the bar in the top menu bar that displays a notification or the actual notification center?
I am pretty sure that his/her post is in reply to someone who said that essential patents shouldn't be protected at all (which I disagree with).
I didn't literally mean "spitting in the court's face" and I didn't think you did either.  "Expressing strong dissent" that goes directly against a judge's direction can still be considered contempt of court.
Actually "spitting in the court's face" is illegal (at the discretion of the judge) since it is considered contempt of court.
The decision whether to include evidence in a case isn't made in a day.  There is much discussion and negotiation with the judge for quite a few days.  Clearly none of us what was exactly said in chambers but based on how perturbed the Judge was, I am confident that Samsung's legal team was instructed not to publicize this information until a decision was made.
New Posts  All Forums: