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You're understanding of jury tampering seems to be pretty limited.  The problem with this is if the "evidence" is/was picked up by the media and they run a huge graphic in the newspaper, a news anchor leads with the press release title, etc., the jury members may not be actively seeking out the media coverage but ends up exposed to it anyway since they are not sequestered. 
Huh?  The jury isn't sequestered but was given a directive to avoid media regarding this case.  The defendant intentionally put out "evidence" that was thrown out of the case.  That would be considered attempted jury tampering and possible contempt of court.  That has nada to do with the jury already being "corrupt."
Especially since the original iphone looked exactly like an ipod with a click wheel for the rotary dialer.  Oh wait. . .
Google is trying to come to handset makers' aid now (you forgot to mention Google buying patents and trying to gift them to others like HTC), but Google made it clear in the beginning that they were not going to be held liable.  That should give any business person pause.
Packaging is a part of trade dress which is included in this case.
That makes no sense.  Samsung doesn't get off the hook just because Google created Android.  If you had a moving company and unfortunately ran out of trucks to complete a job and someone came along and offered you free trucks to use NSA with the condition that s/he is not liable for anything that goes wrong and you use them but discover that the trucks were stolen then too bad.  You're on the hook.  Perhaps Samsung should have insisted on legal indemnification before...
The carriers do this all of the time (in the US at least).  The difference in commission structure for certain handsets are included in the marketing budget that has been agreed upon.
This is something I just don't get.  Are you stuck in middle school putting stickers on your trapper keeper?  You know what "personalizes" my iPhone?  The apps I choose to put on it.  I doubt anyone will have the exact same apps arranged exactly the way I have.  That's all I care about.  Wallpapers, icons, etc. is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things (IMO).
@fredaroony: I can't speak for freediverx but I believe his/her point is that Apple's implementation of multitouch deserves its patent because it was able to useable. Plus, Apple did purchase Fingerworks which had the base patents to build from anyway.
Gator, actually cable companies cannot track what you or anybody is watching when it's simply on air.  If you are referring to On Demand and DVR'd content then yes but no they cannot tell whether you are watching the latest episode of Mad Men through your cable box.  Our traffic centers which make sure the correct content and commercials are shown in each DMA is only run by three-four people, sheesh.  Also, if you've ever had your cable unexpectedly quit and called...
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