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Please Apple Insider review the Sony Xperia Z1, we all want the same features on an iPhone, like sending files with bluetooth, or having a SD card reader, and all the other amazing stuff! This site is good to criticize everything but not Apple?
As if Apple don't have security problems on their own! Android is ruling the World and soon will be ruling the Desktop, it's better to stop hating Android and trying to make iOS and Mac OS X better!
I think Apple loose the way since Snow Leopard, it completely abandon a huge number of computer and users with the 10.7 Lion system requirements, then the iLife and iWork package lacks good and innovative updates. Not to mention that some of those apps seems more abandonware than supported. In the last years it's all about iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, and in my opinion, iPhone is basically the same every year, it lacks functionality, it's good for the mass market, the ones that...
Android is eating Apple and other OSs, that's the reality, Google has not interest in the Android devices being expensive, they just want it to be broad, so it has as many users as they can, Google is an Advertise company!! People that says iOS is better than Android don't really know the Android OS, other say is boring, What?, Boring is iOS that is almost static for almost a decade. And keep in mind that Android will also eat alive Windows and Mac OS X since it can EASILY...
It's obvious that Apple is desperate!
Isn't easier to point a gun to the person and ask the password?
Yes, you are slow. The point here, is monopoly!
SONY already have it, it's called Smart Watch, can they sue Apple for stealing? Can they!? Apple probably would!
The only difference is that while in USA is called Escort, in China is called Prostitution!
Well, maybe it's time to Google and Samsung, and Sony and so on sue Apple, for the notification bar copy from Android, or the panorama feature, it exist in Android, or even store apps, maybe Apple should pay to them all, or the Missing call message reply, that is on Android for some time also. Maybe Apple should pay, like 5 billion, or maybe 10 who knows! Apple lately is not doing anything good, it really seems steve Jobs was as good on the marketing as knowing what kind...
New Posts  All Forums: