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What about a little C4 in each phone! Do you understand the person who "bought" the phone perhaps wasn't the criminal, imagine a store selling stollen phones? Before saying to blow up the person ears, please investigate in each case! For example, some old phones that you give to the store for a discount are sold by the telephone company to other markets in the world, so things are not that simple, I guess you can't prohibit a foreigner to get into your country with...
Lately there's no really articles about apple technology, is just fanboy and publicity saying how Apple is so wonderful and better than the others, iPhone is easier to connect to wifi?!!??? Gosh, Android is as easy as Apple on that, and anyone that used both knows, actually there's nothing hard about this on either OSs. Write real articles please!
Yes, perfect place, This year the Movimiento de los Indignados, something similar to the 99% Movement took this location for months, I wonder how Apple as a symbol of USA and Capitalism will fall in a 2012 Spain of austerity measures!
"61 workers had been injured"
It's amazing that people considered Microsoft a Monopoly but now that is called Apple things are different, why should anyone be obligated to pay a fee to Apple for a service not wanted or done by others!!!
Indústria Brasileira, Os parabéns ao Brasil por estar a evoluir economicamente e socialmente, já nós por cá em Portugal estamo-nos a enterrar! Congratulations to Brasil!
I prefer SYMBIAN, is the WORLD MOST USED OS, but still Apple Insider don't mention it, why is that?
If you just use it to read with very low bright screen or use it as an iPod only, it will last lot longer duuhhh
I completely agree! Apple is abusing of their costumers and developers!
LOL, even in the crowd there's a beachball, does it spin all the time like in Mac OS?
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