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It's amazing that people considered Microsoft a Monopoly but now that is called Apple things are different, why should anyone be obligated to pay a fee to Apple for a service not wanted or done by others!!!
Indústria Brasileira, Os parabéns ao Brasil por estar a evoluir economicamente e socialmente, já nós por cá em Portugal estamo-nos a enterrar! Congratulations to Brasil!
I prefer SYMBIAN, is the WORLD MOST USED OS, but still Apple Insider don't mention it, why is that?
If you just use it to read with very low bright screen or use it as an iPod only, it will last lot longer duuhhh
I completely agree! Apple is abusing of their costumers and developers!
LOL, even in the crowd there's a beachball, does it spin all the time like in Mac OS?
VirtualBox is very good, actually I think it's eats less RAM in so many things, and it's free, Parallels is as fast, the best integration, it has drag and drop between guest OS and native one, it support more evolved 3D, and probably is the best choice, VMWare Fusion is not bad but I do think parallels wins in every way, now depends of what you want to do, you can try VirtualBox as it's free, if you going to choose a comercial option, Parallels is the best!
Yeap, sounds like an old Apple Computer Spot, but hej, now Apple is not in that mood, maybe Microsoft is....
This is the the biggest problem Apple ever faced!! http://events.nokia.com/NokiaN8/
Parallels Publicity, let's try it first!
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