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VirtualBox is very good, actually I think it's eats less RAM in so many things, and it's free, Parallels is as fast, the best integration, it has drag and drop between guest OS and native one, it support more evolved 3D, and probably is the best choice, VMWare Fusion is not bad but I do think parallels wins in every way, now depends of what you want to do, you can try VirtualBox as it's free, if you going to choose a comercial option, Parallels is the best!
Yeap, sounds like an old Apple Computer Spot, but hej, now Apple is not in that mood, maybe Microsoft is....
This is the the biggest problem Apple ever faced!! http://events.nokia.com/NokiaN8/
Parallels Publicity, let's try it first!
What a joke!!! Ahahahaha
For that money I can buy a cell phone that gives me so much more!!!
NOKIA is the Best!!!
Apple is too busy with the iGadgets, OpenCL in all the Mac OS X, reduced boot times and shutdown, and all the Snow Leopard promises are just secondary...!
They only had one simple thing to do!!! Solve the shit antenna design and ship it, but NO, Apple didn't want to show any money loss tho their shareholders, they got a stupid and cheap rubber cover to offer, are Apple nuts? Some years ago they change the plastic of my macbook because it got dark, they done it free of charge!!!! And what stupid video is this from the Nokia N97, Who holds the phone like that!???? People are not blind!!! In this idiot video even the user...
For me Apple no More, I am moving to Ubuntu, after all Snow Leopard promess the fastest OS in the World, but instead of that I have the same old speed, while Ubuntu 10.04LTS is just amazing fast, ok there's some apps that only Mac has, but with Apple only working on iPhone, with no Mac OS X relevant evolution, iTunes is just making me scream, I am forced to give my credit card so I can download album covers, or I just can't play flac files easily, that's too much, it only...
New Posts  All Forums: