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I hope it is widely used! Stop being dense, guys. You realize this is opt-in, right? If you want a website to let you know stuff even when the browser isn't running, you ask it to do that. It's your choice. It's a service a developer may elect to provide you, for your own damn convenience. Why are you making this sound like a system-level spamming service? As if that's something Apple would do.
Just checked. Working in metro Boston on a grandfathered LTE plan!
    Yeah... I hopped in this thread to say the same thing. As annoying and impractical as it may be that the Chinese keep forking everything rather than using what the international community uses, anything deployed for use by over ONE BILLION HUMANS by definition does not qualify as "obscure". Unless, of course, the writer has a laughably West-/US-centric attitude in a global landscape.
  Sunset dates for CDMA have already been announced. In this country, for Verizon, it's 2021. This information is available publicly.
I'm with this guy. Your misdirected rage makes no sense. Did your current Cinema Display stop working? No? Then what are you upset about? Earlier on, you acknowledged that Apple sales reps have no idea about what's coming down the pipeline and when. And yet you trusted this guy! Even though you knew he knew nothing! This is the company that hid the iPad from its own board of directors and requires select developers to put new iPhone models into a locked safe while testing....
Uh, no. He's married to a woman and has two kids. He also doesn't trigger my 'dar. He's just very awkward, is all.
"This time"? You realize it's in *exactly the same place* it's been in the last revision. AND the revision before that. I hope you realize how your message makes you come across. (That would be reactionary, unwilling to do the slightest bit of research, and misinformed.)
The word "neglected" is loaded, and I'm not sure it's the word choice you oughta be using. In that sense, they also "neglected" to include a replaceable battery. It's not neglect, it's a design choice. Now, I'm not just talking out of my ass here, as I'm one of the few Mac users who actually purchased and uses an eSata ExpressCard. Makes my backups from my 500GB internal drive nice and speedy! But that's just it: I'm one of the few. One of the few who even know what eSata...
It's not gone, and this has been answered several times already.
Thanks for this guide! I managed to upgrade the RAM in my 2006 mini. Fun fact: a rolling pizza cutter works quite well to get the case open! =D
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