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Oddly enough, I ordered the Apple Care Protection as well and that is showing as Complete on my order status. I'm wondering if that means my iPad has been packaged for shipment now, as I think they tend to apply the ACP about the time it's ready to go. I guess I'll see soon.
I won't say that you wouldn't benefit in some way from getting an updated version if it came out reasonably soon, but honestly, I just got a 27 " iMac with the i7 quad core processor and that thing is smoking fast. I guess it depends on what you are seeking to be better in an upgraded version.
My pre-order still says Late April for now. I'm thinking (read hoping) that just applies to new pre-orders as of today.
My thoughts exactly. Despite his claim that is it unacceptable, apparently the iPad doesn't know that because it seems to work just fine.
This is pretty much the sentiment I expressed in another thread, albeit somewhat more diplomatically. I think the issue is that the more "technically inclined" folks have a problem imagining a market segment that doesn't want all the same features and hardware that they want. There are plenty of people out there who have specific, limited daily uses for computers. I think Apple has gone a long way towards identifying the core, most of the time uses of many people and...
I assume you mean more than 64gb of RAM? There is no reason to think it will any time soon - I've seen nothing advertised other than 16, 32, and 64. As it is, I'm waiting for the 64 gb 3G which I pre-ordered long ago.
For the sake of following up on this old discussion, I'm going to put it out there that by preliminary appearances, Apple has found a viable volume of the market as I expected. Now we get to see how successful the second wave will be when the 3G version comes out.
That may be because of the level of assumption involved in claiming that there was probably racial prejudice involved and the apparently little information you relayed about how much you know about this particular black salesperson. Unless you know more about this particular girl that you have told here, her behavior could equally or more reasonably be explained by her just being an ass to everyone. Sometimes people are just asses. Nothing in your description distinctly...
Wow, this is entirely different from my Apple store experiences. I might go as far as saying that sometimes they have been a little too friendly with me. I don't mind a little small talk, but I'm there to buy my stuff and go and they want to chatter away about my day and stuff. I've never seen such an enthusiastic bunch of folks as when the employees of my local Apple store were revving up the crowd for the iPad launch last Saturday morning. I'm thinking the issue isn't...
Except that changing the rules mid-game is part of the rules in dealing with Apple. It's very similar in nature to a game I used to play a long time ago called Illuminati. The rules allowed for certain types of cheating during the game which was acceptable as long as you didn't get caught before the next player started their turn. In other words, if the rules allow you to cheat, it isn't really cheating anymore. In the rules of dealing with Apple as a developer is that...
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