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Eventually, they'll have no choice but to submit.
Here we go again. The gay community is a bunch of cry babies. Always expecting someone to give into their demands.
They are really sticking it to Apple.
What a bunch of cry babies! This is Apple's first maps app, so why do you expect it to be on par with Google's whose been doing it for years? Trust that Apple will get things right over the the course of a few months to a year.
Really?! He should've known that there is no such thing as job security.
I never had the problems you've experienced. I have Verizon. Works great for me... even over wifi. Could be your phone or the at&t network.
Whatever... That judge got jokes! Maybe the judge should be ordered to make an apology to Apple for such a ruling.
Cool. I'm due for an upgrade by then.
That was quick!
Thermonuclear War at it's best!
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