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Lol at these reports In other news Blackberry reported they sold all 100 units of the Priv. The next day 99 were returned. Lol
oh yeah maybe we can get an extra 10 minute to add to an average 5-6 hrs battery life on my 5s wow! 
Apple still does not get it that battery life is much more important than thinness. still playing catch up to Android oem
That's a lie the DOD did not approve Apple but only Blackberry 10 and Samsung http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/2/4294972/blackberry-10-devices-and-samsung-knox-approved-for-use-by-the-department-of-defense
sorry but everyone knew that if AAPL stock broke $430 support the stock would drop like a rock..fund managers cannot justify holding a losing stock and they will dump it..today there were massive institutional selling and it is not over..the stock will go lower and lower 
Short the stock..
It's a sweet day for shorts..iphone 5 is a flop and they have not sold any computers and the competitions are producing better  devices
what is the point of Starbucks passbook? The Starbucks app has its own payment scan
That's why their stock is at an all time high while Apple's can't break $700. Apple is arrogant they think they are the best and can do better than the rest..despite all their billions they cannot in maps like in the OS where the other company  dominates simply because they have a better product....
this is Blackberry mentality..add a feature then will fix it later..they screwed up period
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