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No kidding. Sadly I'm about to give in to Mountain Lion...I want the cloud. Snow Leopard is possibly the best OS ever, but it keeps being left out now too much :/
I have a 500GB G-Tech external hard drive (the one that was meant for the MBP). It's been working perfectly for over six months now. Starting last week, every time I had it plugged into my MBP I lost the internet connection. As soon as I eject it, the connection is fine again.    I'm connecting it with firewire 800, but I've also tried using the USB cord and it does the same thing. Any help?
I don't think Apple made this new mbp for your typical consumer. It's a professional notebook made for pros. They highlighted final cut x for a reason...
Not really strange at all. Facebook is all about being exclusive...that's what keeps people coming back. They also don't allow for other social networks to use your facebook friends...except Instagram...
Forced is the wrong word. No one is forcing you to use anything. You can still download outside the App Store
no way. 2GB will probably remain
I don't see a problem with this forced move. Consumers get a more reliable product. Developers get a better platform to sell that product.
I think Gatekeeper is a feature to developers who go through the approval process of the Mac App Store. It gives consumers an outlet that is even more reliable option (ie. shopping at the Apple Store vs. Craigslist). The option to make apps and distribute them out of the App Store is still available, but it's looking a lot less desirable now...
Agree. The last duo cores came out less than 2 years ago, no way they're dropping support for those.
LOL. White Tiger and Wild Cat are still available... I hope they ditch the cats already. Birds of Prey maybe...
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