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Jesse Jackson is the wrong guy. He's stuck in the past. He doesn't celebrate diversity, he just goes to wherever he can exploit / shakedown people. http://www.theonion.com/articles/jesse-jackson-honored-for-providing-innercity-yout,505/ He's outdated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQl_6buUggM
Secular Humanism has more rationality than a contradictory fairy tale book from the Bronze Age.   Your desert religion is patriarchal fascism made for subjugating people - remember how the Dark Ages had kings with 'god given right' to rule.   Also here's a big list of bible contradictions.  It's a total hoot:  http://sciencebasedlife.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/biblecontradictions-reasonproject.png   Also why religion is the enemy of progress:       
 I think Youtube was designed to be crap, so you have to scroll and click more. So they can tell their customers (advertisers) that there is a lot more engagement with the site.  The interface is even worse from a couple of years ago.  At least then you could scroll the other videos on the right while still watching the video.  They also replace standard HTML links with javascript so you can't easily open them in another window or tab. And on top of that, they now keep...
Is that a circular board that I see?   This Mac Pro looks so futuristic.
The (RED) Mac Pro that was sold recently has probably already updated:    
 I love FaceTime audio.  Really cool talking to someone on their iPad while they browse.  Sound quality was surreally good.   Can't wait to try it out on my Mac.
 To me it looked like the kid was editing or something.  I mean how many socks did the gramps throw at the kid?  Wasn't there one scene in portrait with an elderly couple hugging?  Did he use iMovie? It's a dramatized commercial.  Not a documentary.  
 That's just her final form. 
 This rumor is to make people hesitate on buying an iPad Air.
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