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I think an open mind and an ability to change with the times is also necessary. I like how the tailors talked about pushing their own personal skills as well as striving to be contemporary. As a side note, I think an Watch would look nice with these bespoke suits.
This just in: http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/12/apple-leads-the-pack-in-greenpeaces-2015-clean-tech-update/ Apple is superlative. 
You've made this comment before about Greenpeace and crickets.  I'll post what I said before.  Tim Cook is still the man.
  Fail.  Next.
Trying to score some MRA points?  Crushed and snorted a red pill this morning? Grown ups in grown up relationships work as a team.
They also sell in Alabama. Want to start a protest supporting women, gays, and other misrepresented minorities?  I mean since you seem so concerned about them.
We have.  As of Feb 2015:  Also Apple listened to them and got rid of a lot of toxic materials in their products. Tim Cook is the man.
Companies that partner with Microsoft seem to end up dying or getting majorly screwed.   From IBM( Poorly made CP/M clone renamed MS DOS, OS/2), Sega(Dreamcast which used Wince), PlaysforSure partners, to Nokia.   Apple somehow survived and still has Office made for it.
Alcohol is a hell of a drug.  Good chance this would not have escalated if they used moderation or had the munchies from weed.  
 If this his event was a stupid Bunga Bunga party, I'd agree with you, but this seems to be more "friends" and journalists kind of marketing event.   That said, I don't like the term socialite - it comes off as a term for privileged people who don't have a job or take care of their kids.  
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