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I don't know.  I love how these iPhone 6 ads actually show the software being used, and show a single concept. I think those Surface Siri ads are confusing to people who have never seen a Surface before.  It's like they just throw some feature spam at the viewer and hear Siri.  Not going to make anyone switch. Heck, they aren't even lovable like the PC vs Mac ads: 
Android has more frilly add-on features, but I love how Apple concentrates on the core aspects of the OS. I mean, even an iPad 1 could run a Korg iMS 20. Android is still trying to do low-latency audio - but it has widgets and other noise that's easier to program than Metal.
A slightly grossed out version of iSteve?  They even make fun of how the Jobs movies don't treat Woz (Hurley) with respect.   
Michael Caine can be the initial investor who created their first logo and also bailed out of the investment.
I think they and the NSA want as much data as possible so they can do Pre-Crime, like from Minority Report.   I mean.  Doesn't encryption also help defend ourselves from corporate espionage, from predators, and Chinese hackers and the such?
Don't forget the Teahadi terrorists like Bundy and his gang of thugs.
Now you are blathering.  What's your point?   Discrimination is inconvenient for you to think about? It doesn't affect you, so it's not really happening? Discrimination should be ignored?  Descrimination should be embraced?  White is always the default? Qualified people are being overlooked all the time: http://jobbankusa.com/News/Hiring/hiring100803a.html http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/17/nyregion/17felons.html?_r=0
Not that controversial, really.  It's just a handful of social conservatives in this site that whine and complain about it, and take over the threads.
 What are you blathering about?  Human Rights is a concept. If you don't agree with it, what's your alternative.  Survival of the Whitest?
New Posts  All Forums: