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There is now.   There was also no round Earth either in those books of Bronze Age Myths.    Look what else doesn't exist today: 
 Once again you guys just yell "Ayn Rand Akbar" without thinking of consequences or facts. Apple supported the Democratic Convention in 2000 with laptops and WiFi and put up these posters outside:  Also Al Gore is on Apple's Board.
Wall Street,NY City and Washington DC.   Of course you can get  Lawyers and MBAs to legalize shenanigans. 
Thanks Obama.
Don't you mean put down the iPad with the comics app.?
Louis Vuitton is overrated, ugly, and vulgarly expensive.   Why would anyone want that or Versace when there are actually good looking understated stuff like Burberry and Gucci.   Is it just BS pea cocking?
And this doesn't even cover work apps like IBM is making - or the ones I use like Diet Coda and Prompt.
If you are assuming that the conservative view is pro bigotry then I would agree with you.   Enjoy your dry chicken sandwich with a pickle.
If you want internet attention.  Do what I do. I sponsor an animal at the local Humane Society and they put your name up with the picture of the animal.  I usually choose older animals or animals with a disability.
Seeing Material Design on an iPhone makes me appreciate the beauty and design of iOS even more.
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