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      Bah, I was actually agreeing with you and adding another reason why their complaints have been largely baseless.
  There are facts, and then there are embellishments which in reality are merely opinions. All I did was point out a couple of areas that would lead a reasonable person to recognize the author has some bias.      Bias=/=facts--but you knew that, right? Hopefully?      If you don't like reading an objective assessment of the article, I'm sure there are other sources of news you may prefer that don't contain it. 
    Even then, Samsung isn't under any legal obligation to do business with other companies, let alone competitors like HTC. I've had wannabe lawyers try to claim there's an antitrust issue when Samsung becomes selective about who can buy its AMOLED panels. Funny how asking for the legal authority to support this claim can produce so much grumbling and denial   As other OLED manufacturers scale up production over the next few years, I don't see this being much of an issue...
    "Suffers Blowback?" "counterfeit Galaxy brand?"     Hmmmm. Kind of hard to take a source too seriously if it's misrepresenting events or if its diction is dripping with this much bias.      Then again, the author probably knows his audience pretty well and is just feeding into their emotional attachments. 
    Hey, at some point, they'll have to sue themselves!  
  Was it supposed to be valid just because it was Apple's, or do you actually understand the ins and outs of patents?
  You'd be surprised at the amount of discretion judges get to basically say whatever the hell they want. I highly doubt this was the basis for his argument. The "coolness" comment was probably added just for a bit of flair. You really should read the other portions about prior art. There's no way anyone with a straight face can say Apple made the first tablet.     But still...haters gonna hate! 
  Kind of hypocritical and childish to accuse Samsung of being copycats while also asking us to "move on" when someone points fingers back at Apple, don't you think?
    Now, now, don't say that. People on AI like to believe they're all destined to become the next Steve Jobs, or that the only reason they're not already is no one can handle their infinite intelligence.     
New Posts  All Forums: