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Funny how more and more people on Apple Insider are starting to grow discontent with Apple's hypocrisy.
Ehhh, I wouldn't worry about it. You're correct point for point. But you're not going to convince hypocrites. The linchpin of a hypocrite's way of thinking is a distorted reality.
Touche. Funny how a bit of common sense can put an irrational fanboy in his place.
I can see you got your MBA at Harvard Business School and your JD at Yale Law School. Your business acumen and knowledge of the legal process truly shines. No really. Keep talking! I want to hear more from you!!!
Well, yeah. There's a good reason models and celebrities look so much hotter in mags than in real life. All their facial flaws and body mass are shopped to death.
Legal argument? You pose a leading question by asking me "Are you saying Apple can't hire lawyers unless Samsung says so?" First, let me state that your question grossly mischaracterizes the question posed in the AppleInsider article and only shows me you don't really have a clue as to what's going on. The reason you misread the article as well as my posts and misperceived that I'm making such an argument is simply because your own blatant Apple obsession is coloring your...
Work Product Doctrine defined. Good article. Maybe it's because I don't have a horse in this race. But is it just me, or are people here suddenly trying to talk like tenured judges and law firm partners? Hmmmm. If a 14-year-old teeny bopper is able to prescribe here what a judge or IP lawyers can or cannot do, it makes me wonder what all the past generations of lawyers have been doing by wasting 3 years going to law school and another 8-10 years pursuing the partner track...
Thank God the court system isn't determined by the way some fanboy thinks it "should" be allowed to run. Never mind that irrational emotions based off of brand loyalty won't determine the outcome.
I'm curious. I'm not fully familiar with the facts of the case. I haven't read any interrogatories filed by either side, seen any declarations, or attended any of the depositions. I'm under the impression most people here haven't done any of the above. Would you care to enlighten us as to how you know there would be no prejudice against Samsung if Samsung's allegations are true? A sincere question as you just state a naked conclusion with no factual support. Again, how do...
Clients are likely to divulge information freely to their attorneys only if they're protected by attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine in present and future cases. Both doctrines facilitate litigation and ensure that as much information as possible is presented and used to help both sides cut deals and get the overall process moving along. If it's true that those attorneys in question have confidential information that falls into either category and would...
New Posts  All Forums: