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Only on Apple Insider will someone try to insinuate "feelings" about Amazon are involved. Typical apologist attitude.
All for the best, but as I've said in earlier postings, these lawsuits need to come to an end. I'm glad to hear based on rumors that Tim Cook seems pragmatic, but the sooner we see these suits end, the better.
That is to be seen. But I'm sure policy experts are doing the math to figure out whether that's the case. If the Texas campus leads to enough students getting actual high-paying, long-lasting jobs, then sure.
That's politics and business for ya. Government officials are always jockeying up to get businesses to set up operations in their state. You really can't blame Apple for making financially sound decisions. If you're expecting Apple to be a living being with a moral conscience, you'll find yourself severely disappointed when other companies from whom you buy stuff let you down.
That the system is broken and it enriches lawyers. Unless you're suggesting it's best for future generations to learn that the only good society is a litigious one. Your choice.
Are my eyes deceiving me? People on AI are engaging in incisive analysis rather than making stuff up and avoiding the usual bouts of fanboyism! Yes, Apple has an interest in diversifying away from Samsung. I got a lot of flak and criticisms from others on AI for saying this almost a year ago, but not too many companies out there can beat Samsung in terms of manufacturing components. As an example, it's only just recently Sony and LG began churning out small-sized AMOLED...
Let's just leave it at a lot of people here assuming Apple is automatically in the right, even though they have yet to get a single decisive victory that vindicates all their losses to date. The comment about working overseas and finding the "ethics" and "business standards" to be different is vague and vapid. It's accepted that different countries and their businesses will have different ways of doing ethics. But ethics? That's a good one. Ever heard of the Great...
Hate to break it to ya, but you're relying far too much on speculative benefits to Apple to reach your conclusions. The truth is there's no sign Android licensees are backing off. If sales numbers show anything, they've just gotten more aggressive. The lousy outlook, if there even is one, is not the result of lawsuits. I think you're seriously confusing cause and effect. Again, you're going off unproven assumptions to reach your conclusions. Oh, if only patent law were...
Not really. You're referring to tying arrangements, which doesn't exist in Google's case. It's difficult to prove a this specific tying arrangement is illegal even if we were to call it one. Google isn't forcing people using Google to use Google+.
It's sad that both sides are burning away so much resources into a patent war that's leading nowhere.
New Posts  All Forums: