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Except Samsung has numerous businesses that do not depend on Apple. Samsung Electronics is the tip of the surface when you look at the other lines of business that also bring the conglomerate enormous profits. Even if you concentrate on Samsung Electronics only, Apple constitutes anywhere between 11-15% of Samsung's components business. Not exactly enough to make them go under when you think about it.
This. Several months ago, I posted that it would be completely stupid for Apple to switch suppliers and potentially compromise quality and cost competitiveness just because of the ongoing legal battles. The exception would be if LG and Sharp could truly deliver, and I was skeptical about Sharp and LG's ability to churn out a high number of displays at high yields. AFAIK, Samsung is one of few companies that has consistently shown the ability to do exactly that. Especially...
How sad. A classic example of when blind, emotional loyalty a brand clouds reading comprehension skills. I find it kind of sad that you have to educate people on how to properly read and parse paragraphs especially when these articles were already to be understandable for the masses. Kind of sad when you think about it.
The nice thing about not understanding the full implications and consequences of patent wars like this one is you get to view it all like a round of fantasy football. It's only when you start working and actually paying the bills you realize there's no such thing as a free lunch.
Correct, minus the part about people being necessarily "anti-Apple folk." As difficult as it sounds, many of us who oppose Apple's lawsuits do so for reasons having to do with the patents being too broad and far-reaching. We're not hypocrites who believe every Apple patent should be deemed valid and every nonapple patent should be invalidated. We actually use logic and comprehension of the issue to reach our conclusions. Not pointless emotional ties to a brand of all...
Why am I not surprised no one can rebut this?
Why embarrassment? Even admitting you're not knowledgeable about the facts or the business management dynamics at play puts you well ahead of many here. Your willingness to ask questions puts you years ahead of people who post uninformed garbage like: or: 'nuf said.
Whoa. Not too often an Apple Insider poster has anything insighful or even factual to post without including made-up garbage that's easily debunkable via a 5-second Google search. Guess I've gotten used to people making stuff up here. But on a serious note, this pretty much sums it up. Those are the upsides to spinning the display unit off. The downside is the parent company may not be prioritized when it comes to gaining access to smartphone and notebook displays. I would...
Yes, in your soul.
Not sure what to say that one. It did make for some interesting news reads. I just hope Apple goes back to what it does best. Bringing out cool products to the market. It's a waste of time and money for Apple to hire lawyers only to find that the other side wants to cross-examine Apple's own experts and engineers who could be spending time working developing tomorrow's products. Leave the patent wringing to trolls like Rambus; companies like Rambus offer absolutely...
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