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Right, but remember that legal precedents have long-term consequences. Apple's virtually barred from bringing similar look and feel suits on tablets and smartphones in Germany. Unless, of course, it doesn't mind paying lawyers more money just to file a complaint only to have it tossed out by a judge. Judges into other jurisdictions are probably going to be paying attention to this one if Apple raises similar complaints elsewhere.I'd hate to be a debbie downer. But the...
I dunno, man. There is no doubt Apple is doing quite well for itself, but there's a good reason Apple wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on expensive lawyers for this ban. And it's not just to empty those firms' ash trays.
The market is young, and there is still room for new players. Apple's current dominance in integrated solutions doesn't mean it should last forever.
Why not just say Apple is the best at everything including stuff they don't even make?
Yes, that's the price of being one of the most well-known brands worldwide. You get the brunt of the blame, even when the attacks are inaccurate and not really grounded in reality. The media is always going to hunt for something to attack as it drives sales through negativity.
I love how the apologists are deflecting blame away from Apple by bringing in Samsung with oblique tangents. Let's just accept the reality that China doesn't recognize worker's rights to the level we do and that Apple shouldn't be expected to do so otherwise. We can reshape the rhetoric and just say that Apple is no worse than the rest of the industry. Bringing in Samsung and make references to "smooth sales" doesn't really add much to the discussion beyond revealing...
It's business as usual. In my line of work, when you've been at your company/firm 8 years or so, you're bound to have recruiters approaching you at cocktail parties with their business cards. If you look're a young buck in his 30s who looks like he has promise and tons of experience under his belt, expect to get a lot of salary bump offers and promises of benefits. Poaching is a commonplace practice, especially during better times. Those of us who have baby boomers as...
Can you cite any credible sources at least pointing in the direction of Samsung deliberately expanding the definition of a smartphone?
Common Apple fanboy tactic is to repeat the same line over and over. Let's see. I was off by, what? Less than a year? And carriers are just one factor among many that contribute to sales. There's really no need to get so angry on an internet board of all things. And branding yourself an expert of all things business and marketing? Really? I'm going to bet you haven't even graduated from high school. Not with that level of argumentation. Srsly. Thought I'd add. I've...
New Posts  All Forums: