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Oh, no. I think time is very much important. It plays a large part in developing a company's brand reputation among customers. You see, many customers won't just buy from a brand that they've never heard of. I think that should've been obvious. Brand loyalty is also what has contributed to Apple's success, something you of all people should know. Plus the additional years spent in a market allows the company to go through its own tried and true scenarios and to learn from...
Hmmm, I'm not so sure. Given that Samsung entered the market as late as 2010, I'm amazed they've come this far. Apple had since 2007. That's 3 more years for a total of 5 years. Also, notice how Samsung more than doubled its sales from 2010. Apple didn't get any such growth whatsoever. If anything, Apple just barely squeaked ahead. That's the equivalent of a pro sprinter with a midlife crisis just managing to beat a younger guy at a race who started training last week....
All this Samsung hate is just too funny to behold. Srsly. Try reviewing a real sport for once.
$100 million? Jesus. Wanna know the sad part? IP law is one of few legal fields that's actually growing in this recession. Everyone likes to bash on lawyers and call them scum until they need one. Ladies and gentlemen, frivolous lawsuits are the reason lawyers get a bad rap. And I think we should be well aware that lawyers don't pay for themselves. The money always comes from somewhere.
The importance of reasoning via logic and proper analogy is lost on them. Their avid defense of Apple's tactics comes from neither, but rather from a self-esteem and identity that are tied too closely to a brand. But I'm glad to see we're hearing more from sounder minds in this thread.
People, just get over it. Take off the armchair lawyer hats and stop pretending you're legal experts. You really don't have a say in telling the courts of Netherlands and Germany what's legal. The people there decide what's legal, not you.
I call them "fanboy sentiments" because that's what's clouding the judgment of a lot of posters. If you're going to describe your rendition of a series of facts and events, the burden of proof is upon you to ensure you don't engage in pure, shameless revisionism. Unfortunately, that's what I'm seeing happening from those seem unable to detach their Apple brand passions from actual comprehension of the issues.And nice try at the deflection. You didn't properly answer the...
And you? How do we know you're not some Apple shill? If I say there's no doubt in my mind you are one, does that make me presumptively right? Seriously, people. Leave the fanboy sentiments at home. If you want to get a reasoned discussions on topics like this, let's not all start going around and making stuff up. This isn't the Youtube comments section.
You're 1/2 right. Subtle distinction. Very subtle.Under the Colgate doctrine, YES, manufacturers can have their own resale price maintenance schemes. However, that right is quite limited. There's a fine line to walk where the manufacturer isn't allowed to form an agreement. The most the manufacturer can do is announce "suggested prices" and also affirm in the very beginning his right not to contract with anyone. It's for this reason Apple, Bose, and many companies who...
How adorable. Another Apple fanboy making shit up to fit his own wet dreams. I don't suppose our public education is doing a good job of educating our young in the art and craft of objectivity and stating the truth. THIS. I'm appalled people here are purposely rewriting and in some cases obfuscating the facts just to create an account that fits into their own little fairy tale.
New Posts  All Forums: