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Wow, 900 bucks for a piece of crap from majorcrap. They definately have a another weiner there.
Ever hear of seat fillers? Apparently majorcrap has and utilizes a variation on that theme to make it seem their stores are packed with 'customers'.
When I read the phrases: "may compete", "will run", and (most iportantly) "hardware specs not fully locked down", it leads me to belive majorcrap has nothing tangible. They just want to have their name in print and lead folks to beleive they "have something". Sounds like another Zune in the making...
Not every day you see the words smart and android in the same sentence. Guess that explains the 330% lead in Apple sales...
  There's this island where they welcome visitors by shouting: "da plane, boss, da plane"
I wonder if anyone has told him how many Windows Phones have sold vs iPhones.   Not to mention an effectively no-volume player in the MP3 market.
Apple users dismiss Steve Ballmer as a high-maintenance idiot. Sad to see that he has lost touch with reality and is still fighting mental health.
Sorry Steven. You can promote windoze 8 all you want, but crap is still crap no matter how brightly-coloured the child-friendly icons are. And what make you think handing out 'left handed compliments' about an Apple product is appropriate?
Review roundup: Microsoft Surface hardware shines, but software is a letdown   It's majorcrap, anything they develop is a letdown.
As my Grandmother would have said: "Cutting off your nose to spite your face".
New Posts  All Forums: