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Sounds more like Mud Pie to me.
Ah majorcrap, saying something doesn't make it so. Arrange for a scientific study, provide unbiased data, and cite your sources. Until then it's just more hot air from Redmond.
But it's still not an iPhone. Only Samsung can make an "iPhone".   Wonder if will be able to "bump butts" and swap a playlist. That's a ferature I'm sure to use each and every day of my life...
What a useless agency promoting an arbitray standard. Sounds like a 'solution' looking for a problem.
Another clown-baloon interface from major crap where you can't find anything. And yet does it really do anything different or is it just another wrapper on a plie of manure?
OK, I'll admit it. Spending all my life in rural America, I was intreagued with this inner-city minimalist marketing approach. It got my attention. But then I read the copy and it seems to be another in a continuing saga of typical vaporware/hype majorcrap AND they themselves are making the hardware. That killed any and all interest. Next thing will be Surfaces drunk and lying with a gutter in it's face surrounded by a chalk outline.
Have Goggle and/or Motorola, like Samsung, recently completed the same "bash others in the marketplace" courses at the BadMouth School of Maketing? You don't knock others down just to build yourself up. This is just poor form.
"Samsung is just another sore losing Company! Their Phones Suck, Their TV's Suck, ect. Nothing Samsung has ever offered has been as successful even as Apple's worst device! Samsung needs to stick to something simple like offering Toaster Ovens!!"   Not to sure about the toaster ovens, as I had a Samsung Microwave once. After a year the thing started by itself at times or wouldn't shut off. No light, no fan, no turntable, but the magnetron ran full tilt.
" Samsung said changes to the lawsuit adding the iPhone 5 into the mix will likely come "as soon as it has had a reasonable opportunity to analyze the device. "   Is analyzing the device Samsung-speak for appropriating features?
Let's see, 365 Mb for Facebook integration. Nothing like increasing the possible risk of privacy issues and/or identity theft integrating Facebook into the OS. Seems as if Apple is starting to follow majorcrap in loading questionable features into the OS based on perceived needs. Not a good move. I'm putting out the safety cones and giving this update a wide berth, which is about as useful as styrofoam windchimes.
New Posts  All Forums: