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Samdung can list all the components, elements, and contents of manure, but it's STILL manure.
With designs so similar to Apple, it's no wonder Apple's is suing everyone under the sun! Oh, I'm sure other PC makers will claim they have other inspirational sources...     Reply: Unfortunately the bowl of water inspiration has already been used.
HP 'invents' the Fapple (aka Fake Apple) in much the same way street vedors sell Rolex replicas.
Was it really necessary to bring race and geographical region/state into your inapproproate comment, Gazoobee??
The things is, we can shake our heads and gnash our teeth over working conditions, wages, benefits, and poverty in other countries. But in fact, there's very little individuals in one country can do for those in another country. But it makes some of the do-gooders get a warm and fuzzy to 'strike up the band' for their cause du jour. However, they are safe when it comes to actually being responsible for making change.   How about, instead, they take that well...
A 'report". By whom?. Seems that these negarive 'reports' appear each time Apple stock hits a new high. An attempt to discredit the company and drive prices down?   Posting such 'reports' on line doesn't make them true.    Shame on you, Appleinsider
Let someone make those same demands about a Bruce Willis movie they digitally purchased and we'll see what his repsonse is. Poor Bruce, he must be in some need of PR by 'taking on a cause'.
They are not sorry for what they did, merely angry that they got caught.
So now they are professing to have integrity as an ethical company?
I cannot imagine Samsung 'appealing' to anyone.
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