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Sure sammy, delfect the bad press off of you. Then again the loss to the consumer probably means sammy will raise it's prices to pay for the settlement.
Can't these people do anythng on their own?
Article title says rumor. Article body text says report.   Can't be both. If it's a rumor why even report it? And if it's a report, why mislable it as a rumor?   Sounds like unethical and substandard reporting.
And this is news? As if a redisigned logo would improve a product. It's all making majorcrap LOOK like it actually has desirable products. NOT!
How about:   Inspired by a bowl of water? With all the crap samsung is pulling, it's more likely a toilet bowl.
Windoze excitement? More excitement watching paint dry, corn grow, or chrome rust.
In an effort to prevent subsequent 'crisis of design' litigation, Sansung moves to present further evidence supporting its case. Samsung cites a 1991 company memo referring to the firm's alternate name of "Copycats-R-Us". Based on belief and information, their position appears to be that Apple (as well as other companies) should have been aware of this moniker and/or associated tactics, and taken appropriate action to protect intellectual property.
While Apple argued the iPhone "changed phones forever" during its opening statement, the Galaxy maker noted Samsung parts account for some 26 percent of an iPhone and asked, "who's the real innovator?"   Wow, and 26% of my new house was provided by a local lumber yard. By that logic, the lumber company is the real innovator in the dseign and construction.
The first Microsoft Store opened in Scottsdale, Ariz., in October of 2009, attempting to replicate some of the great success Apple has had opening its own stores across the world. The Microsoft Stores borrow ideas from Apple, including a "Guru Bar" akin to Apple's Genius Bars where employees assist customers, and Microsoft even attempted tohire away some Apple retail employees for its own operations.   Majorcrap continues to be in Apple copy me mode with 'borrowing'...
This is an Apple centric website, people. An Apple centric web site.   Who cares about majorcrap?
New Posts  All Forums: