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Pretty much useless and unnecessairly negative reviews. Did these self-professed paragons of educational content review stop to consider no one could magically transform their existing e-Book materials to Apple's new platform overnight? Most likely, initial offerings would be based on the previous technologies in the form of PDFs. Rather than seemingly dismiss the Apple platform outright, it might have been better to give authors and/or texbook publishers a more...
Saying it doesn't make it so.
Moving on from it's failed line of full-fleged "consumer tablets", Dell reportedly plans to sell an 8x11recycled paper tablet and number #2 pencil to take on Staples office supplies in late 2013...
Actually, there's some discussion that it's majorcrap's atttempt by adding the letter "r", no one will figure out they are now a Me to company.
And now they are just rearranging deck chairs.
Wait a week or two. It'll be available at one of the dollar stores for...well...a dollar.
[QUOTE= According to the report, "once the iPhone exploded into the marketplace, Microsoft executives knew that their software, as designed, could never compete." [/QUOTE] And it still can't. A clown-like interface designed for pre-schoolers. What majorcrap doesn't get it's all about functionality, technology transparancy, and easy of use. Concepts they fail to understand over and over and over...
Talk about French 'whine'.
No plant? No sales. Can you say strong arm tactics?"Don't pressure me ArgentinaThe truth is we'll never build here"
They're going to try honesty for a change? Maybe give up promoting their vapour and/or bloat ware? Oh wait, THAT'S why they will no longer be involved in future events of this nature. Nothing to talk about.
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