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Ice crean sandwich? Gingerbread? Talk about junk 'food'. So much for 'the highest quality'/
Apparently, geography is not someone's strong point when it comes to reporting this type of information.
As an owner of an AppleTV 2 myself, I tend to agree. I want the flexibility to pick and choose the manufacturer, size, display type, and features of the TV itself. In much the same the way one would choose a computer moniter or a Blu-Ray player. A device that enables Apple features/content and interfaces with any TV display would appear to be a better for the consumer.In all fairness, I do enjoy the way my iMac, MacBook Pro, Airport Extreme, AppleTV 2, and iPod Touch are...
Currently, there's no info on the Apple Support web site which identifies features included in this update. From other souces, 4.4.4 does not appear to include any additional features (such as in 4.4). Apparently, there may have been some performance and stability inprovements, and fixing errors associated with video content. (Source: MacRumors) All in all, appears to be a maintenance update at this point.
The absolute LAST applications I want on my iOS products are majorcrap ones. Putting out the orange barrels and giving these wide berth.
"Rearranging deck chairs on a ship that's going down"
Of concern is that while Apple did have the novelty application for sale in the App Store, Apple did not develop the application. Why is there no mention of neither Casey nor Zimmer approaching the developer? Is is because it's easier to 'target' Apple or there's not enough 'press' to 'go after' the developer?And as to Zimmer jumping on the "Told ya so" bandwagon, sounds a lot like posturing and justifying the coalition's existance. Makes you wonder why apparently no state...
Sounds a lot like Borg bio-mechanical implants and assimilation techniques to me.
While I was unable to find those particular cable-TV box manufacturer statistics, I was able to locate the following data:1. There are over 160 million set-top boxes in the US. (2011, www.dailytech.com)2. The top manufacturers are (in apparent decending order): Motorola, Cisco Systems, ADB,ChangHong, Coship, HUMAX, Jiuzhou, Pace Micro Technology, Panasonic, Samsung, Skyworth, and Thomson. (2007, www.worldresearchandmartets.com).Personally, I would have thought Scientific...
Potentially not a good idea with all those cleaning supplies stored there, and the risk of suststance inhalation abuse. Could make matters worse.
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