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Makes perfect sense to me. I enjoy my Panasonic Plasma and separate Blu-Ray player (and no I don't have a vested interested in that particulur manufacture). The upside is I can connect them with a single HDMI cable and they integrate nicely with one remote. That I like, because it's both easy and it works (very Apple-like). Plus I was able to select each separate component from multiple available ones. And while I do have access to Viera Cast content, I only use a small...
I have to agree with you in principle on this one. While perhaps a little off-topic, to my way of thinking there's too much emphasis placed on an operating system. It should be technologically transparent, facilitate user to application interface, and not require frequent and multiple interventions (e.g., updates, verifications, pop-up warnings and notifications, etc).As to this majorcrap iOS App, to my way of thinking it's merely a new component in the...
Sounds a lot like the Ballmer jump up and down "me too, look at us, not at them" marketing ploy.Bold prediction? Welcome to Fantasy Island. Da plane, da plane...
In October 1993, Apple introduced the Macintosh TV. As a limited edition, the LC-520 came with a cable ready TV tuner card. It was discontinued after 10,000 units.Let's hope an iMac with integral TV functionality (if produced) fares better.
Eric predicts, huh? Quick, someone alert the 1991 infomertial Psychic Friends Network.
windows 8, windows vista, windows me - the trifecta of os diasters
Guess that makes windows phone the Playmobil (http://www.playmobil.de/) edition . Talk about age and developmental appropriateness.
No, it's a Samsung
Wow, just think what an enterprising PR / marketing firm could do with this judge's "endorsement".
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