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Amazon's Dual Touch: Step 1 - touch it Step 2 - don't touch it. That's two separate and distinct touches, hence the moniker 'dual-touch'.
Hopefully the folks in Oregon won't be complaining about Apple's failure to provide local furniture trade jobs, like the folks in North Carolina.
Thank you, gatorguy. I appreciate your positive comment.
And yet, the opening sentence of the original article is as follows: Amazon is expected to "surpass all other iPad rivals" in the final quarter of 2012, with expected shipments reaching 3.9 million units, compared to an estimated 18.6 million iPad sales. Surpassing all other iPad rivals would seem indicate the Kindle Fire is one of them, iPad rival that is.
Nice that they have a crystal ball to be able to make the statements: 'expected to surpass', 'expect to ship so many units', and 'project taking a certain market share percentage'. Might be a nice device, but it's still NO iPad, doesn't do the things an iPad can, doesn't run the Apps an iPad can, and isn't designed to do what an iPad does. Probably best not to compare it to an iPad. Did someone overlook doing an A-B comparison between the Nook and Fire?
State your sources. List specifics. Give examples. Support your statements. Otherwise, it's just catastrophizing in the form of unsubstantited generalizing that smacks of self-referencing journalism.
Good heavens. If the 'varieties' of companies spent as much time whining as they do marketing their goods and/or services, they'd do a whole lot more to improve their bottom line(s). As good as the App Store is as an integrated marketing and sales platform, it's not the only marketing/sales vehicle for the complainers. Stop making it appear that you're being excluded from any and all sales. Apple charges what it charges, just like any other marketing vehicle. Try...
Best laid plans? Apparently these plans aren't all that good if they weren't dynamic and took into account multiple variables. Anticipation isn't planning. Time to re-think the management team, folks. And do stop with the "this is all Apple's fault" finger pointing. It's just bait piece reporting.
In a town of a reported 3,400 adults, 50 jobs represents a potential employment increase of 1.47%. Every little bit helps, do the math.And if the doubting and unemployed Maiden resident who stated: “People from around here don’t get those jobs, furniture is the only thing I know", he can move to High Point and secure work in the furniture trade.
Decent working conditions? By who's standards? Since it's China, your standards and hopes are irrelevant.
New Posts  All Forums: