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We've been over this before. It isn't. And I agree with you. While Apple uses the product(s) made by this company, it neither owns the company nor is responsible to/for the employees. Others would do well to keep in mind that US work standards do NOT apply in China (or any other country for that matter). What it acceptable in China may or not be acceptable here, and neither Apple nor the US Bureau of Labour can or should interfere. Again, consider how Americans would feel...
Microsoft's Craig Mundie said that the iPhone's Siri voice recognition software is not new technology as a similar system has been available on the Windows Phone for over a year Saying it doesn't make it so. "In a sense, you know, many people were disappointed with [Apple's] newest phone because it wasn't a completely new thing, so the only thing they really had to hammer on was that feature," Mundie said. "Maybe we need to pick a feature and hammer on it...
It's important to keep in mind that the App Store approach to downloading application and OS software is an integrated approach (information, selection, billing, delivery), whereas the MS download approach is piecemeal at best. Recall that when Win 7 came out, there was an option for educators and students to download the upgrade. It went something like this: 1. Go to the MS site and enter your academic credentials. Typically requiring a .edu e-mail address. Or go to...
Items for purchase at a MajorCrap retail store: 1. MS branded USB keyboard 2. MS branded USB mouse 3. MS branded wireless keyboard 4. MS branded wireless mouse 5. MS branded PS/2 to USB adapter 6. Empty boxes displaying Windoze 8 OS. Tear sheets listing URL for download purchase (free) 7. MS decals (copied from 1984-2011 Apple decals) 8. Maps & directions to nearest Apple Store (free with any MS purchase)
Not even in the same ball park
Let's see: A HP 'me too' product running a Majorcrap OS. <> and giving this one wide berth.
I'm not understanding the focus and point of this article. Apple meets with multiple Chinese enviromental protection groups over concerns regarding Chinese manufactures. Which just happen to manufacture products for Apple.Li Li seems to feel Apple should be doing more and appears insincere? Let's recap: A Chinese group complains to an American based company over Chinese manufacturers' pollution. Then expects the American company to do something about it? What's wrong with...
Apparently you've not had sufficient time to watch the local news casts. There the news and/or weather is recycled sometimes for days on end. My sympathies on your recent move. Cleveland: A great place to be...from
No doubt, this display will attract attention. But no matter how you dress it up, it's still crap.
This is news? Majorcrap thinks they had a hand in facilitating this? Oh yeah, it's the PR and perception that they're cutting edge and user friendly, when actually it's Apple Mail that enabled this process.
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