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Rather than being reflective of unhappiness with iPads, declining tablet (including iPad) sales seems to reflect: (i) huge unmet demand when iPad was first released; (ii) durability of product; and (iii) different pricing models from phones. I suspect we will see wishy-washy sales for a few more years and then a nice steady business for a long time to come thereafter. It's far from a bad thing to build a durable, long-lived product that people are willing to pay a lot of...
The tagline is ominous. And, I assume, well considered given Apple's attention to detail. I do hope that we see the introduction of apps (i.e., games) for a new Apple Tv. For another example of this extreme attention to detail, see this: http://q10a1.blogspot.com/2015/02/apple-and-detail.html
I stick by 6m for May + June (with a week of April), mostly because of supply constraints (real ones) as discussed here: http://q10a1.blogspot.com/2015/03/apple-watch-sales-expectations.html
Instead of relying on the substantial shipping times (which could, as others note, simply indicate production problems or artificially constrained supply), I found it most interesting that the system got bogged down with orders. Given that we know the online store can handle about 4m iPhone units, this suggests there is some serious demand and that sales will be high and only supply constrained for a while. For more, see:...
6-10m in May/June period. Mostly 38mm sports. http://q10a1.blogspot.com/2015/03/apple-watch-sales-expectations.html
Even if sales are for replacements to iPads, those still seem like valuable sales (for example, we sold our original iPad to help finance the Mini). Perhaps troubling if the sales are in lieu of full-size iPads but, even then, better to sell that buyer an Apple product than to let the buyer go somewhere else. Small note: the 83% "not replacing" figure shows how new this market is and how much room it has before it is close to saturated.
The 3rd gen is awesome but at $400, the 2 is unbelievably priced - especially with the battery life on the 32nm process.  I miss the performance (and of course the screen) of the 3rd gen but, for me, the 2 is the unsung hero of the line up.  So I was unclear - I didn't mean that the 3rd gen was a worse machine or a bad value.  Rather, that the 2 is a screaming value (and so it annoys me every time a news article describes iPad as starting at $499 and completely ignores...
The Mini is, in many ways, the same machine as an iPad 2 so, for me, the easiest way to think about the Mini is to think about whether the iPad 2 is well priced and if a $70 price reduction is appropriate/attractive. For what it's worth, I think the iPad2 is well priced (in fact, I like the iPad 2 more than 3rd gen). And so the Mini is fairly priced. I like the iPad 2 because, although the specs are slightly dated, I find that the iPad2 still zips along on iOS6. Other...
Also, if our household is at all typical, there are a meaningful number of in-use iOS devices that cannot (3G, iPad 1, first iPod Touches) or probably should not (3GS, mid-gen iPod Touches) install iOS6. And then all the iPad 2s that were gifted to less technologically literate family members who will get upgraded the next time the family gets together. Look for a bump in adoption again at Thanksgiving and Christmas!
"It's also surprising that Apple hasn't made available for sale specialized packages of offline maps, such as national parks or regional trails, hiking and camping maps, and similar detailed, offline maps for iOS 6 users." In the long run it might be surprising not to issue packs for areas poorly served by mobile coverage but, for now, given the attention that would be paid to any errors, I think wise not to issue packs (especially for a fee).
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