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God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters - Moby and yes... that's Kiefer!
Not sure if this has been posted yet. Photo of the connector:
Look closely at the drawings. The lever allows the neck to become limp, which allows the monitor to be repositioned. Once the lever is depressed, the neck will hold that position. There's more than meets the eye in the illustration.
I'd be silly to reveal my source, but yes Steve did think the current arm is not the ideal design. These comments were never said in any interview. He also thinks the base of the current iMac is still too big. He really wanted to make the base smaller and the neck thinner. Previous designs were much more streamlined and more compact. The existing neck was the most safest in supporting such a heavy monitor. I have no idea what the next generation of imac will be.
This idea was dropped because you need two hands to control it. The handle attached to the screen releases the tension to allow for reposition. The problem is when you only have one hand. You squeeze the lever and your beautiful screen takes a dive! Thats why the current design is able to reposition with just one hand. Steve's actually not crazy about the aesthetics of the current design. Too bulky looking.
I agree 100%. A great book to check out is: Picturing Time: The Work of Etienne-Jules Marey by Marta Braun
The T39m is also another great option. I have one in rose white in excellent condition and may sell it for $95.00 US. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
I did a short film called The Transfer for a festival called Digital Gun Awards. http://www.digitalgunawards.com/thetransferhtml.htmlhttp://homepage.mac.com/bgundu/PhotoAlbum6.html
I have been working in the visual effects, Film and Video, and at Alias, the 3D software company for a total of 13 years. Of all the platforms (SGI, PC, Mac) I still use my mac the most. In fact I use Maya on my Powerbook exclusively. I love Panther, Apple industrial design, Final Cut, blah blah blah... For me it's more than just having a fast machine. It's about being productive and actually making a profit in your business. Apple for me has been a huge blessing. I...
You cannot use DVD-RW media in powerbooks to record. At least not on my 1GHZ Ti.
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