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Well this is a weird one, after the latest security update and safari update I can no longer select and copy text on a web site. Attempting to do so causes the page to reload and of course no text was copied into the clipboard.   Not running any extensions and haven't changed any setting in my preferences.   As this is a feature I use a lot I kinda need to do this otherwise it's back to Firefox I guess.
Love or Hate it if it doesn't support the iPad or the iPhone it's dead in the water.
So far iCloud has been a big disappointment, similar to the way MobileMe was.   Tab syncing? Might be nice for a few people but I never leave tabs open long enough to ever worry about that. Bookmark syncing was a nice idea but poorly handled. Took me days to recover from that disaster. What is missing here is that there are certain sites that I may want bookmarked on one computer (say a work computer or a home machine or my iPad) but no way to control what gets...
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