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Tick, tick, tick. We'll see soon.I am not surprised that the Air & such is at the front of the store. It is more of an impulse purchase than a Mac Pro for one thing and for another, many of the Mac Pro sales are BTO through the home office.Cheers
Just which is it? We don't know anything or it's the same? You have taken both positions. All I have said is that the prospect of improved battery life, if nothing else, would make it worth the wait for me. Make up your own mind, but that is my opinion.
Sure, it's a generalization, but unless you somehow manage to draw max power continuously, there should be a net lower power draw in almost all other situations and hence improved battery life for the vast majority of users. Perhaps you are one of the rare few who will experience max power utilization 100% of the time.
If nothing else, Ivy Bridge CPUs are supposed to have a reduced power draw (better battery life) which would be worth waiting to me. Cheers
If you are going to wish for things Apple discontinued, you could add the iCards or whatever they were called to the list, but it will be a waste of electrons sending a request to feedback.
Not necessarily "special", just different. A 17mm wrench does not cost a great deal more than a 15mm wrench. It is just a different tool. More recent statements indicate that only the dual core Ivy Bridge CPUs are the ones being delayed. Apparently people are not all that interested in buying dual core processors when quad cores are available. Duh! Do you think?
Almost all of Sir Jonny's designs have thermal issues. It would be good to let the functionality have a little greater influence on the design. Cheers
I want the iPad to have a micro or mini SD card slot/tray for use for additional storage, such as keeping a collection of videos on them or additional music profiles and transferring files in and out of the iPad. I suppose a (full size) SD card slot would do double duty if they enabled it for all of the above.
indicate that Intel have clarified the situation. Only the dual core processors will be delayed because of inventory. Hint to Intel: people want quad core CPUs, not dual core CPUs.
64 GB is awfully small to install the OS, Apps & such on it with the home folder on a rotating drive. You would want the Apps on the SSD for performance drives. I would just as soon that Apple not do this as I would have to take out the parts I don't want, but paid for, especially seeing that Apple way overprices their SSD option and it is not as good a drive as a less expensive one available from OWC, among others. You can do it with the current iMac & MBP simply by...
New Posts  All Forums: