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Precisely! +1
As do we all. :-) The Core i7 iMac is indeed a different breed of iMac capable of performance that allows it to assume rolls no iMac could have only a few years ago. The Mini continues to find new and interesting uses. All that said, your friend had the use of his machine for two years before the Apple answered. In productivity based applications that is a very long time. Drive failure is an entire world unto itself. Even with high quality drives, failures can be created...
He says there are other Macs which will substitute for a Mac Pro and so on which justifies it "going away". I disagree.
Just because you don't have a use for it does not mean there is not a demand for it. You are more concerned about what it looks like than what it can do, which is the reverse of the concerns of its users.
That's really sad. Tell me just where it is that I suggested changing the hardware. Please read and attempt to understand before commenting.
Christopher, I don't know what you are thinking, but there is no one in the rest of the market in a hurry to kill off the tower. Sure, laptop sales are the market leader and will continue to grow relative to tower sales, but there will be a market for towers, without regard to the installed OS, for the foreseeable future. If you apply the "logic" that Mac Pros only represent a small percentage of Apple revenue and kill them off, the next step is "iMacs only represent a...
If that comes to pass, there will be a lot of former Apple computer users. They may use the iPad or whatever it is, but will still need a real computer.
Many Apple people have said that they expected the iPad to be a success, but had no idea at all that it would sell in the numbers it has. It is nice to be surprised like that. It should come as no surprise that sales volume (number of products) of devices costing hundreds of dollars exceed those which cost thousands of dollars. Likewise, it should come as no surprise that price is a factor in sales in general. Perhaps Apple will take a lesson from this and price their...
First, I very much agree that OWC's RAM packages are an enormous improvement in price compared to what was available not that long ago. Nevertheless, 64 GB RAM for a Mac Pro is precious little more than 32 GB for an iMac. The PCIe card I would install first is one of the non-SATA SSD such as the one OWC has announced which will accept modules to increase the capacity when the user desires. The Mac Pros have quite a following in some Med Schools where physicians, PHD...
"Thank you. Thank you very much. " It would be very easy to sell some i7 powered towers if they were priced at all reasonably and offer choices of Xeon to go up from there. Does one dare to say that the i7 tower seems to be a popular option for people who are (cough! cough!) "experimenting"?
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