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I had a SE T616. It sucked. I gave it back. Terrible voice quality when it did manage to keep a connection and made a whole bunch of sounds that interfered with making a call and actually being able to understand the other person. SE has no idea whatsoever in the design (and content) of the personal information stored in the phone. It is very out of date.
See if you can get 8.5 or 8.6 to install. They should boot with the original firmware and then you can install OS 9. OS 9.2.2 is where you probably want to be unless you have some external devices which are unsupported in 9.2.2. You probably need to determine if you have a Rev 1 or Rev 2 B&W. Rev 1 machines have a well known problem with replacement drives. Even though Rev 2 machines work with replacement drives for the most part you will get a performance boost by...
At some point manufacturers have to stop worrying about backwards compatibility when it interferes with moving the platform forward. I do not know what $$$$ PCI card you are considering, but the performance of the PCI-Express replacements will far outstrip the older PCI card and slot. Servers are the primary place for PCI-X slots at the present time for the very reason you mention...companies can pop their PCI cards in there and keep going until they either need to move...
The Dr Bott antenna has received very mixed reviews. Many people have reported little, if any, improvement with it and it is rather pricy.
Why bother with PCI-X slots...they were just a transition technology and add unnecessary expense and complexity to a system with all PCI-Express.
Thanks, that is exactly what I was wanting to know about. It would be nice to just scan an image of the original CD and print it on the dupe. Songlists would be there and you can identify what it is at a glance. I guess I will just keep writing something on the CD with a pen. What with the heat in the car trunk it has been suggested that a (stick on) label might come loose, jam the CD player or slip off center and cause balance problems.
How well does their software deal with making a simple copy of the CD's "labeling" that you are copying when making a copy of something so that you can put the original away for safekeeping? Example: Music CDs that go into a car CD player mounted in the trunk which is subject ot high heat which can damage the CD itself. When you are using a copy you just throw away the damaged one and burn another.
Thanks for the interesting link to the Ars Technica discussion. I looked at the comparison chart for Devonthink PE vs. Pro and it looks as though the additional features will be quite useful. What browser are you using with Devonthink? I have been guilty of trying too many browsers I think. It seems like one or the other has some interesting feature or one doesn't like some site or other, but I will need to settle in on one that works best with Devonthink. Cheers!
SJK, Thanks, I need to spend some time getting to learn Devonthink. I have been using a simple "filing cabinet" to save things to that depends upon my having subject matter folders/subfolders to find things...it has gotten quite large which I suppose is one of the reasons I have not yet gotten very far into Devonthink as I seem to recall there was a size limit in the early versions. I am not sure if that is still the case. Cheers
Just how are you saving bookmarks in DT? (I have had it for a long time, but just never got around to actually using it.)
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