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Yea, Moto seems to be slipping again. Reports today indicate that the 7457 will come late this year, apparently due to process problems (and this is only at 130, not 90).
970+. The heat/power issues should be manageable with it.
Logitech has a nice parking station/charger for their most recent wireless mouse. I guess the keyboard still needs to have the batteries changed though.
I do not know how the current eMacs are doing, but some of the earlier ones had a terrible failure rate. If I were going to change to the eMac I think that I would try one and see how it does and what the response to it is before buying the second one. You would also buy a little time to let things sort themselves out a bit on just what equipment will be available in the next few months. The situation just might be different by then. In fact, it might be best...
I could see some of the local ISPs putting together a deal to put up wireless in the areas the big guys do not service. That would give them what amounts to a captive audience to build upon and move into other areas as they can. Although they could have a significant impact on a local market they would probably "stay below the radar" of the big guys until they are well established. It would be nice anyway.
The problem with the G5 lineup is price. They may be price competitive with top of the line PCs, but when someone has $1000 - $1200 to spend Apple needs an alternative to the iMac /eMac lineup which gives the capability of installing PCI or other expansion cards at some point in time. Without the new tower someone looking for a computer with that capability at that price point will not find a choice from Apple. There is certainly room for the G4 towers to evolve without...
If they can get it to where an external antenna (or better yet one in the attic) picks it up and connects to your network just think of all the cable that will not have to be laid.
Dave, I think that it is fair to say that the equipment of the 1940s is long gone in the U.S. Even small local telcos have upgraded many times since then. The only thing that is common to that era is the continued reliance upon copper wire, but even that has changed in many ways. That said, the continued reliance upon copper wire has limited the capability of the telcos. I have observed the local telco continuing to install copper wire to get the capacity up to serve...
So, are you saying Mac users can't count to two? What other excuse could you be making up for not having a two button mouse with scroll wheel?
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