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You are right, of course. That would be a POWER Mac!
I could see the Xserver borrowing from the IBM blade server concept for "industrial strength" servers with the Apple name on them at some point in time if a market developed for some really serious hardware.
The circuit board on the lowest of the three new G5s is different from the others. If nothing else it has PCI slots, not PCI-X slots for one thing. Is it a different size? Don't know yet.
That is a perfectly circular argument. People who do not know enough to order their own equipment pay you to order what you tell them they need and you are surprised that they do not ask for something more than what you tell them they need?
No, a thinking person would conclude that Apple is not very good at designing expandable cases or simply chooses to do things in a way that is not very expandable. Look at the past history of crippled machines (such as the Blue and White) which Apple has foisted on an unsuspecting public.
OK, what is the site? I have seen several projects people have done posted on the web.
With some of the "roadmaps" disappearing from the internet it is a bit difficult to say which process the Power 5 & 980 will begin production with. The roadmap I recall seeing some time ago had the Power 5 & 980 debuting the 90 nm process, not the 970. It now appears that the 90 nm process will be introduced with the 970+. It is less clear whether the Power 5 & 980 will remain with the 130 nm process at their introduction and then change to the 90 nm process or whether...
The 980 was laid out in some "roadmap" PDFs from IBM that were on the web at one point. I do not know if there are still there or not. In any event, if the roadmaps are to be believed, the 980 is a real project and is underway with planned introduction in '04. Whether Apple will adopt it is open to question, but IBM has stated their intention to do so. Although the 970+ provides some of the process benefits that were initially thought to be first incorporated in the...
Yes MacGregor, but why can't Apple figure out the really simple part of space for expansion in a "tower"? They seem to make the same mistake over and over and over and....
Fran, No disrespect intended, but you leave the impression that you actually enjoy being abused by Apple. The problem is that many of you have never known a computer system other than an Apple and have no earthly idea of the lack of functionality of many of the Apple cases. I very much doubt that it would have taken any particular effort to come up with a case that has the amount of space people are talking about for a 2d optical drive and a few more HDs. The cooling...
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