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The 980 is the "real deal" even though the 970 is not too shabby, although it seems likely that Apple & IBM will have one 970 speed bump and then the 970+ before the 980 is debuted in a PowerMac. We shall see in time.
Amorph, Why would Apple want to bother with the G4 (improved or not) if the comparative price of the G4 and 970 being bantered about are even remotely close to correct? (It is said that IBM is providing 970s at a price which is less than what Apple has been paying for G4s.)
This may sound harsh also, but maybe you are just sick of hearing how poorly Apple's cases compare to even a cheap PC case in terms of funcitonality. Perhaps you simply do not know what a real tower is either. It sounds like the case fits your needs which is good, but not everyones. Real towers have more space than what Apple now offers. And yes there are people out there running multiple RAID arrays and other things, some internal and some external. There really...
I hope so! Why can't they let you change the startup sound?
Actually, the USB group has gone through some slight of hand name changes to confuse everyone. USB 2.0 is now called highspeed USB or some such thing. The name change has apparently caused substantial confusion in the (PC) retail market not only for customers, but for sales people, too.
It has t do with a chip manufacturer, too. Who wants to use up your production capacity when the whole line can move up a step?
Steve said that IBM and they were already at work on "the next generation" CPU. I would think that a next generation would get its own name, for marketing reasons if nothing else.
MOTO has been a company in decline for more than a few years now. They are a much, much smaller company than they were just a few years ago and are more concerned with their survival that with whether they provide Apple with better CPUs. Their fabs are not up to date either for the most part.
IBM is supposedly selling G5s to Apple for less than Moto is selling G4s. I would think that Apple would be burning the midnight oil to get everything they can converted over to the 970. I do not know about the laptops though. They might not see a G5 until the 980 comes out as it is supposed to consume less power and have less heat to dissipate.
You mean all the *old* technologies, don't you? USB 2.0 and AGP 8X have been out for quite some time now in the rest of the computing world. Your comment is still correct, that they represent better opportunities to upgrade during the life cycle of the machine. Still, the 1.25 GHz G4 is at a price point that may well attract customers.
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