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Why bother with slot loading in a tower? They cost more and limit your choices for upgrading as newer drives become available...and there soon will be new ones. And yes, there had better be a two button mouse or the rest of the personal computing world will continue to laugh.
The tower does not need a speaker in the middle of all that cramped space that should be devoted to useful things like drive bays. External speakers (even cheap ones) are better anyway and free up the case (oops! it is now an "enclosure") for more important things. At least the firewire and USB plugs made it to the front of the case, even if they are poorly placed. Apple still has much work to be done before they get a fully functional case with space for drives and all...
The $1299 machine just could be Apple's answer to a less than $1500 machine to attract people to them who have that amount to spend. The development costs have been covered and all they have to do is keep an appropriate supply of them in the retail channel. One problem with the new G5 is that it is about $500 above the price point where many PCs are placed. People who are looking to buy a computer for that amount of money and who do not want an iMac (it is not...
Odds are that there will be "speed bumps" before 6 months as IBM rams up production and the yields of faster chips improve and they apply incremental process improvements.
The MDD had two (5 1/4") optical drive bays and room for four internal hard drives. The all new and improved G5 has room for only one optical drive and only two hard drives apparently. This does not seem very "pro" or tower. Is there another model we do not yet know about?
the 64 bit g5 which they will scale to 3ghz by the end of the year. this truly was the day we have been waiting for. [/B][/QUOTE] The actual statement was in 12 Months...a year from today.
PCI Express does not look like it will be available in the PC world until the second half of '04 although it seems to have the inside track over PCI-X (which Intel supposedly likes). PCI-X is supposed to be backward compatible with PCI, if Apple implement the publicly disclosed spec. But is this merely an interim design to carry through until PCI Express is available? If so it would likely wind up being a legacy item before being introduced, although I do not recall...
But would it be *better* without the Mach kernel? Would Unix compatibility be simplified? If Apple ever intends to do this, now would seem to be the best time.
You could have 3 slots per channel, dual channel per cpu. I am not sure if the spec allows that many, but the pc mobos have been having somewhat limited success with more than one DIMM per channel in dual channel applications, but they have been working that out...perhaps Apple have also.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by neutrino23 [B]I wish Apple wasn't so completely secretive. I understand they want to keep things from the competitors and such. ------------------------------------------------------------- What competitors??? There are none, for better or worse. What are the PC makers going to do, copy outmoded case designs? Apple is concerned, with justification, that if word of their products gets out to the current user base those who may be...
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