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Have you tried running DIMM First Aid? I may help narrow the problem down. If the problem slot is not recognized you may just have to make do without it or replace the logic board if there is not some simple explanation like dirty contacts or whatever. Good Luck
You know, this makes a lot of sense in that Apple made a big deal out of "killing" OS 9 on the new hardware this year, which freed up people to shift to development of OS 10.3, both for existing hardware and for the new machines. In particular, they just had to get the people working on the OS for the new machines that are going to be Moto free. There have been some references to the 980 following the 970 early next year which would still be based on the 130 nm process,...
Some sites have reported IBM efforts to sell Apple some advanced CPUs for several years now with Apple being the one to say no. Apple have created their own problem in remaining with Motorola for so long with very little progress to show for it compared to other developments int eh industry.
It's supposed to be everything the Power4 was, just a whole lot faster and far more scaleable; in other words, without much modification, it's supposed to fit just fine in everything from blades, and all the way up to the big iron. The 980 is actually what is being reported as being the blade CPU.
What I have seen recently seems to be a battle between the PCI-X crowd which wants the backward compatibility versus the PCI-Express crowd which wants the clean break to serial connections and higher speed without the synchronization problems of parallel connections. Fall of '04 seems to be the timeframe now being mentioned and that may slip as the two sides fight it out. Did you notice that the AGP 8X specification allows a second 8X slot? That could provide for some...
The 980 is projected for next year. If Apple fools around too long the 970 will be yesterday's news.
IBM is in a hurry to get the Power 5/980 chips out as there are manufacturing as well as performance advantages over the Power 4/970 chips. If Apple drags its feet much longer the 970 will be obsolete when introduced. As it is the 970 is really only a transitional product to cover the gap until 980 production is available.
And what about PCI-Express or other fast bus to replace the present PCI/AGP busses? I had heard that Apple was interested in the fiber channel some time back, but not much recently. PCI Express is probably not to be had in PCs until Q1 or Q2 next year unless Dell is pulling a fast one. Did you know that the AGP 8X spec allows for *two* AGP 8X slots??? That would allow some interesting possibilities (even if you only install AGP 4X cards in the slot).
[quote]Originally posted by johnpg: Well Linux and AIX don't support Altivec, so I think that's what they mean. They don't want their customers to think it's going to make their software faster just because it has a vector unit. I think that there is support in gcc for Altivec though, so it's possible that Linux on the 970 might have some support for it. But he didn't know anything about that. As for Apple and Sony, he did NOT suggest that Apple and Sony were in...
>however, apple will have difficulty maintaining current >price points on their other products. surely they must >be aware of this potential problem. how will they deal >with it? pin their hopes on the power of 970s and X >10.3, and strong new sales in core and developing >markets? promote an aggressive hardware business >more focused on the digital hub, and thus a potential >lucrative and non Mhz dependent revenue stream? >run...
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