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Yes indeed!   Smaller is NOT better in this instance. A great deal more functionality can be put into a package that is not that much larger and still has a small footprint on the desktop.
Apple normally builds up a sufficient inventory to satisfy initial release demand. It sometimes does take several weeks to do so.   Edit to change notification.
That one post, standing alone, looked fairly benign. I don't know the guy's history. I am guessing you do. I won't clutter things up any more.   Thanks!
???   What is wrong with a bit of satire?   Cheers
Thanks for posting. I am glad that I am not the only one who sees through Apple's efforts to patent existing technology.   If Apple spent more time producing product than litigating we, the customers, would benefit greatly.
I don't get why Apple would insist on the laminated display screen for the 27" iMac if the yields were not good. Even if the vendor is stuck with a fixed price contract for the component the lack of availability is a problem in terms of sales...aside from the fact that replacement costs are almost certainly higher.   What a lot of people want in the 13" MBP is a quad-core CPU, discreet graphics processor and anti-glare screen. Leave the optical drive in it so that it can...
Not like idiotic fools who either can not read and comprehend what was written in the interviews or who simply are unable to digest facts with which they do not agree.   You, sir, are a fool.
For the last time, read his own words. You can do that, can't you?
Go read for yourself. 
You have no understanding whatsoever of the legal system. This is round one. 
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