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They didn't. The source is wrong.EDIT: Turns out they did. They had his name from AVIS. Both cars used in the attack were rented. One was used to bomb the government buildings, the other one was at the scene of the massacre at Utøya.
Hey, posting from Norway here after a few years of absence from these boards. Shockingly, many of you are stuck where I left. 3 years ago dammit. Only, maybe, the tone is harsher than ever. What I want to point out, especially to the most hateful of you, is that you, indirectly, are part of what happened in Oslo and at Utøya. Anders Behring Breivik spent a lot of his time at sites like jihadwatch, gates of vienna and document.no. Places dedicated to to...
Funny reading the old Kormac77 posts again...
two words: surf station
So, I havn't worked much with quicktime lately. But I'm quite stunned by how apple has eliminated all flash from their site, but still have Quicktime movies with external "player". (The playback bars that appear underneath the iphone ads for instance). From my earlier work with quicktime I've come as far as to have the player-bar shown or hidden, but this is far superior. Anyone have any experience? (And while we are on the topic, how do you put a still picture...
No, I'm New.
Eurovision: The European Broadcasting Area is defined by the International Telecommunication Union: The "European Broadcasting Area" is bounded on the west by the western boundary of Region 1, on the east by the meridian 40° East of Greenwich and on the south by the parallel 30° North so as to include the western part of the USSR, the northern part of Saudi Arabia and that part of those countries bordering the Mediterranean within these limits. In addition, Iraq,...
It would be like allowing cubans to enter american Idol.
Nah, keep them in but admit the palestinians as well. They just applied you know.
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