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"I think that a lot of people are trying to be opportunistic and I hate this, it's not a great part of our world." Where did he say anything about getting rich? Being opportunistic doesn't mean money necessarily... Its Sorkin's problem that he jumped to this conclusion right away.... And yes i find it disgusting too that poor Steve died and everybody tries to skin every last bit of his memory asap. Money, fame,...
What I expect from Apple is to catch the essence what they want the new device to be. Questioning every aspect of it. Does it have to be that way because of function or just because its used to be that way. Like getting rid of the querty keyboard on smartphones. Main problem with all categories is that its function, design is cemented and most companies doesnt take the time to rethink, innovate and finally break free from unnecessities. The mockups above are the perfect...
I would love to see an ad from Apple with the song Truce from The Dresden Dolls in the background. :-P "So take whatever you'd like I'll strike like the States on fire You won't sleep very tight No hiding No safe cover Make your bed and now lie Just like you always do You can fake it for the papers but Im on to you, Im on to you"
The MacMini compared to other Apple computers is affordable but I don't think we can say it's cheap. When there are lot of countries in Europe (we don't have to talk about China) where people earn around 600$ monthly even doctors... than its a lot of money. With taxes the MacMini is around 750$, 13" Macbook Pro starts at 1550$, Retina Macbook Pro starts at 3100$... We can say its really cheap if we talk about 5000$/month, but not with 600$/month. So prices are relative.
I'm sure tomorrow someone from PR will fix what he said now. lol
If they would say Apple plans to make A5X revision with 32nm or 28nm process in a few months than maybe i believe it. They changed it in the iPad 2 recently from 45nm to 32nm.
They still don't get it. It's so sad.
Well at least now we know why is it so cheap. If they can get away with it because they make no profit on selling them than it will be interesting to see other companies following.
It must be a joke.
Yes delaying than buying a mac so not so much hope for other pc makers here. Apple thinks in long term. They make great products. After users know how a quality device feels like they just won't buy a cheap plastic notebook.
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